Monday, August 1, 2011

Jewelry, Some Information

While this might look appealing,
it isn't a good way to store jewelry of any kind...
that is, if you plan on wearing it.  One of my best friends is thinking
of doing this kind of installation around a huge big mirror she's found,
and I keep telling her it won't hasn't done a bit of good.
Naturally, being a designer of jewelry I'm looking out for the jewelry.

Hanging from a specific point places too much stress on
the stringing materials, unlike when it's worn around the curvature of your neck.
And, it gets dusty, like any other surface.  

Did you guys know you should wash your jewelry, even the good stuff,
when you take it off?
Use Dove or toothpaste 
(if it goes in your mouth it's not likely to hurt the jewelry).

Washing real or freshwater pearls is absolutely necessary because
pearls absorb oils from the body and eventually they discolor, then it's too late...
they cannot be restored to the original color or luster.  

Washing silver and gold will keep it shining and untarnished.

Put the pieces on a towel and they will be dry in no time.

Collection of old brooches and earrings wired together and then
placed on ribbons.  I cannot imagine how this would be comfortable to wear unless
you it was worn outside clothes.  Also the ribbon would be unattractive after a 
couple of wearings, but hey, it's really cute as shown.

absolutely adorable for the young girls
or Christmas and New Year's Eve
& imagine how the kids would love to receive all the
materials to make these happy pieces.

Rachel Zoe showing excess-ories...

Reminds me of a friend in Houston who wears the ultimate costumed outfits,
she's about 75, done-up to the 9's, petite, wears cocktail suits in the
evenings, etc.  Once we were all on TV together and she had her own
jewelry on,  about like Rachel's...and she said, on TV...
"these are my summer diamonds...some are real and some are not."

Great story, huh...

posted from the drought-ridden hill country of Texas,
where the temperature is over 100 f.


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The enchanted home said...

Another interesting the new music too!
OK, first dove or toothpaste to clean our jewelry? Huh??? Wow who knew! Thanks for the tip. I have a good amount of jewelry but find I wear less, but do love my gold chunky bracelet and gold hoops (every day) and have tons of turquoise and coral, my favorite for summer.
Your friend and her "summer diamonds" she sounds like a hoot!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Marsha:-)*

Yestarday I must to clean my silver necklace of ''Konplott''and yes,yes,'s looks realy shining!And my earrings and rings I wash them one time in the week.

I like you story about you friend from Huston...wich sad about ''summer dimonds'',just so lovely:-)))*

My hugs to you,

I hope you got my email:-)*

Laura said...

I had no idea-
what great information and advice.

It is beyond sweltering in South Texas.

I know how you feel!

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Veronica said...

Hi Marsha. What a wonderful tip. Will certainly try it with Dove!
Thanks for that.


under spanish moss said...

Wow, Marsha. What great advice. We did not realize we should wash our jewelry when we take it off. At first glance, the image with jewelry vignette is beautiful. Great for an ad but not very functional or practical.
Angela and Renee

Splenderosa said...

About the functional/practical...The messy collage would drive me crazy, as I need calming order surrounding me. Just another reason not to....

Catherine Robinson said...

I love the brooches and earrings wired together on the ribbon..looks stunning but as you say not very comfortable to wear...still cute!
Wow....what temperataures you're are you keeping cool????
Have a lovely day.

Pondside said...

Now I feel a little better about having three jewelry boxes! :)

YONKS said...

Hello Marsha,
I do feel for you in that heat!
Love that green and pearl necklace Rachel Zoe is wearing. Wonder how much that costs?
Try and keep cool.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Thanks for speaking out for the sake of the jewelry. People often don't realize the harm they do until it's too late.

Hope a cool wave is on your way. That's hot for Texas hill country.

Ms S said...

How clever ! I never knew that and what a fantastic way to display stuff!!!!

Ms S Xx

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the cleaning tips...I did not realize that you should clean after each use. Love the post and looking forward to your news.

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Marsha, I did realise I could wash my jewellery although I didn't know I could use toothpaste, that's a good tip. I love the story of your friend on TV 'done-up to the nine's'! Ha Ha, that's just great, my old Mum was 93 when she died and always always wore her earrings and jewels daily.

Hugs Jane

Ann said...

Sweating right along with you! I am working in a warehouse and, obviously, no AC. Lots of fans help.

I also did not realize we should wash our jewelry- appreciate the advice!

Loving your enthusiasm!