Friday, September 16, 2011

Ruffles, Bracelets, GIVEAWAY

Below, our new fashion bracelets.
all under $ 20

the 1st 3 in the Ippolita-style, multi bangles
each set $ 19

below, hemitite & silver crystal animal print bangle

below, 2 stretchables, animal print

below, 3 interlocking bangle bracelets,
for our youthful gals, so so cute,
& great for all those gifties
$ 12

remember, these are very limited in supply & are priced VERY LOW...
& remember each piece has been chosen by me, personally.  I would
wear all of them myself, so don't think this looks shabby because of the's all fabulous !!

Now, for the really good part !

 2 of the Ippolita-like Bangle Sets
winners may choose color

rules:  leave a comment & tell me which
set you like, the gold, the tri-color, or

ends:  Monday night @ 6pm central


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  1. Marsha, I would wear them with a saturated color sweater and my dark wash jeans and boots...maybe even throw in a great scarf on top with the sweater.

  2. Hi Marsha. I am swooning over those ruffles! DEVINE! Colour is amazing as well. Have a fab weekend

    Veronica xx

  3. I would wear these bracelets with a black shift, black tights, and black pumps for a pop of color!

  4. oh the silver one is absolutely breath-taking. I'd wear it with a little black dress and let it shine ;)

  5. Oh the silver set is pretty spectacular! xo

  6. I am drooling over the tri-color set! It would add so much to any outfit!


  7. Hi, Marsha - Just came to your blog from PlumSiena, and I absolutely love your sense of style. Adore your bracelets, they exude sophistication and good taste, I could see them at the Neiman's jewelry counter. Of the three color choices, the tri-color is the most of-the-moment and unique, and I am mostly a silver or mixed-metals wearer, but I gotta say...the gold set stole my heart. The winner, hands down, at least for me!

    Great blog, love your sense of elegance. Thanks for sharing with your readers!


  8. Love the ruffle!!!!

    And will have a more proper look at the bracelets which are very intriguing!


  9. Marsha these are all lovely, but my heart is set on the tri colour. I love the edge the different metals bring.

    Fingers crossed.

    x Charlotta

  10. Loving the ruffles :)
    I love the bangles in gold :)
    I'd pair it with my black outfits.


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