Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cranberries & Garnets

could you do this?
would you do this?

so so pretty isn't it...
maybe it's worth the trouble & time...

like our Christmas necklace,
made of large red shell pearls with faceted garnet pear-shaped stones.

perfect with any outfit for the holidays.
click under our header on the ETSY shop link to
see details.

Happy Holidays 
to all my readers & friends


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  1. The Cranberries look terrific, Yep,I could do that. I am retired and still don't have enough time for all the things I want to do.
    I am so happy to see RED, the choker is beautiful. My neck is too old for it. I like
    long strands. Bet you sell that before the week is out. Headband is beautiful. yvonne

  2. Love how the cranberries look but don't think I could deal with doing myself!! I'd much rather be wearing your necklace!!

  3. Beautiful necklace!! Perfect for the holidays!

  4. It is beautiful, but by the time I would finish, they would all be dried out and wrinkly


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