Monday, November 28, 2011


what shoes would you wear with this?

where would you wear this, to what kind of function?

or if you worked in fashion you could just pop on a black blazer
for day wear, wear black platform pumps...
& transform your hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry for
a hot night look.


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Anonymous said...

This is such an elegant and classy look... love it! It would be nice for a holiday dinner too! xo

The enchanted home said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Could see it going to any holiday cocktail/holiday party or a holiday wedding for sure. Shoes...depends on if you want to dress it up or down, more conservative black silk platform pumps and more fun and jazzy a pair of strappy crystal embellished tall shoes.....beautiful!

La Petite Gallery said...

Marsha, that is such a classic look.
I'd wear it to the fund raiser at the
Farnsworth Museum,with black patent low
heel pumps.Love the blouse.


La Maison Boheme said...

Such a beautiful look - I love the racy touch of having a sheer blouse with a beautiful black bra beneath. I'd wear this anywhere... seriously. Its so pretty!

Nuit said...

LUVS THIS OUTFIT!!! yes, could totally pull it off for a day event, specially if i will be hanging out with people who appreciate fashion :)

Nella said...

Marsha, simply beautiful and totally classy. I think I have the outfit for my next outing! I have the blouse and skirt and even the necklace, sort of... Thank you!!! N.x0x0x