Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm In The Mood For....


celebrate the blessings of Christmas
& share with those who are not
so blessed.

a kind word to a stranger, help someone out the door,
buy dry dogfood & take it to a shelter,
take a remembrance to your neighbors, even the ones you don't know.
shine your heart-light where ever you go.

Thank our Lord for the life we have been given.

And, wear's just that time of the year !!

love to all


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  1. Oh Marsha,
    Red is SO December isn't it ?!! I shall add a bit of red to my black ensemble today !!
    .....and such lovely thoughts Marsha. I shall try to fulfill one today. XXXX

  2. Yes Marsha...........I am in a red mood this holiday as well. Think it means I need a red dress though or that beautiful red bow around my neck as seen above, now that I can do. Happy weekend. XO

  3. Red...gorgeous! I would love your thoughts on the topic of my post today...I think you would have a lot of insight to offer here!

  4. Dear Marsha,
    Red is SO December isn't it ? .... I shall make sure that I wear a little bit of red with my black today and also try to help someone out in some way. Such a lovely thought. XXXX

  5. LOVE to you too,wonderful heart,my dear friend Marsha:-)))*

    Just extremely nice post!!!
    Red is the color of Passion,Love and the beautiful warm heart:-)*

    Fantastic post and you mood...

    Much Love,XXX

  6. My kind of post! For many years, I was an entrepreneur with a retail store here in Southern California. Everyday of the month of December, I would wear RED. Customers loved it and it became a favored annual tradition.
    I still wear red on most days in December...also my birthday month!
    Love your accompanying message, too. Going to take a load of gifts to our local children's home today!
    Blessing galore to you, dear Marsha!

  7. What a beautiful post, I love that top left image particularly.

    Definitely a time for thinking of others, well said Marsha Xx

  8. love red...and it looks fabulous here..
    and what a lovely gesture to remind people to spread good tidings of joy..


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