Friday, December 2, 2011

It's The Holidays

let's party

our new bracelets
Bangles in Gold or Silver

Gorgeous Beautiful Sumptuous Stretchable Crystal Bracelet

Girly Girl Stretchable

Gold/Silver Stretchable

our new bracelets
if you like them, please click over to the "Bracelet" page under our header.

Happy Holidays, ladies


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Simone said...

Oh that first image from Tiffany is so romantic.....sigh!! X

Chris said...

Marsha, you have hit 'paydirt', again! I have the Girly Girl Stretchable bracelet, purchased for m o r e!! Everywhere I where it, I get compliments! I know this will be a best-seller for you!!! Awesome new merch!

Greet said...

All gorgeous Marsha!!!
Have a great weekend!!
PS My post for the 6th is ready!! I am curious about your thoughts reading it next week!

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy Holidays Marsha,
Love the crystal bangles and bracelett.
Beautiful items.
I miss yo, hope all is well.

Charlotta Ward said...

Hi Darling,

That first image is amazing. Looks like they are walking into the full moon..!

Your bracelets are beautiful. Love the studded ones in particular. I am an understated girl..!

Hugs and love

xx C

Nuit said...

what a GORGEOUS photo! and the bracelets are to die for. Specially in love with the first ones. xoxooxox

Catherine Robinson said...

Beautiful jewellery, Marsha...and just love the first romantic...
have a wonderful weekend.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I like those strechable bracelets,just beyond lovely and playful:-)))*