Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tardy To My Own Dinner Party

Hello world, as most of you know I've just relocated to a new residence,
somewhere in the process we went "totally black" with our computer set-up.
No one knew.

I've awakened this morning to discover my
By Invitation Post
did not post, and has fallen off the face of the earth into oblivion...notice came via
emails from many of the members of our international  blog party which occurs
So SO SO SORRY,  ladies...

The premise of February's post is to invite 10 well-known people, living or dead, 
to the Fantasy Dinner Party each of us is hosting.
The party can be anywhere you desire.

 I thought I would have my party poolside at my own home, because I wanted to set the
table myself, and welcome everyone to my house where I think they could feel most at home.

You can envision this scene, I think.

My guests will be

Sir Richard Branson
Bob Dylan
Dylan Ratigan
King Arthur

Condoleezza Rice
Georgia O'Keefe
Dr. Jane Goodall
Lisa (Skyle Peale) @ Privilege blog
Elizabeth Taylor

The reasons:
Lisa can carry conversation with anyone
Dylan Ratigan is on MSNBC weekdays trying to get $$ out of politics in the USA
Bono, my Maltese dog is named after him, I love his brilliant music & work around the world
 Sir Richard Branson because he is one of the most intelligent & witty men I know
Bob Dylan, who wouldn't want Bob Dylan?
King Arthur, because he was perfect.
Dr. Jane Goodall because I wish I could do what she has done.
Elizabeth Taylor because I would love to hear her stories.
Condoleezza because she must know some wonderful secrets.
Georgia O'Keefe, a true individual who lived her life via art and philosophy.

I think these people would make for stunning dinner conversation, the most important  element.

Oh, and yes, Ottmar Liebert will be playing for us.

Members of 
By Invitation Only
who are participating in this post, please link up below.

The membership:

TISH JETT an American in France http://afemmeduncertainage.blogspot.com/ 
CATHERINE ROBINSON in London http://www.catherinerobinsoncashmere.com/ 
ANNIE BOUTERSE USA http://plumsiena.blogspot.com/
COTY FARQUHAR in Australia http://cotyfarquhar.blogspot.com/
DEBORAH PETERSON between Houston & Scotland http://www.dumbwittellher.com/
DUSTJACKET ATTIC, Debra in Australia http://dustjacketattic.blogspot.com/
SHARI MILLER USA http://www.littlebluedeer.com/
TINA USA theenchantedhome@gmail.com http://theenchantedhome.blogspot.com/
MONA THOMPSON USA http://providenceltddesign.com/
JACQUELINE MUMFORD England http://home-biba.blogspot.com/
KARIN JANSKY France http://lapouyette-unddiedingedeslebens.blogspot.com
VICKI ARCHER an Australian in France http://frenchessence.blogspot.com/
CECILIA GONZALEZ Spain http://desdemventana.blogspot.com/
RENEE GRANIER & ANGELA FOSTER USA http://underspanishmoss.com/
LISA USA not participating this month http://amidprivilege.com
FRANCINE GARDNER a woman of the world in NYC http://interieurs.com blog
CHRISTINA FLUEGGE USA http://greigedesign.blogspot.com/
STACEY BEWKES USA http://quintessence.com
LEANN BROWN USAhttp://linenandlavender.blogspot.com/
LENE Norway http://theessenceofthegoodlife.blogspot.com/
SANDE CHASE Canada www.agiftwrappedlife.com
SHARON SANTONI France http://myfrenchcountryhome.blogspot.com/
KAREN MALAN UK Pas Grand-Chose Blog http://athousandmiles-k.blogspot

Fifi Flowers, the fabulous French-Americanized artist @ www.atelierdefifi.com/
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