Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wit, Art & Antique French Papers

I've come across what I think is truly unique and deserves touting.
A lovely artist residing in Europe, selling on Etsy

she says of herself...

I am a mixed media designer who features my creations on antique french paper with a lot of humour. My mixed media artworks are in acrylic hand painting and ink print technique. For this concept, I use antique french paper almost as old as 200 years ago, after the period of Napoleon Bonaparte which you will own not only a unique piece of art and also a piece of french history. 

a look at the framed pieces

& just LOOK at this face !!!

a precious poodle

sailor dog...ohhhh so French

the prints are very inexpensive and I think would make for a wonderful
grouping, I'll bet you could even get them enlarged once received.

&, finally, this little gem

which could find it's home in my dressing room today...

& I don't think I can live without the Afghan's face looking out at me.

big hug to all of you...



Chris said...

Love the art and speaking of COCO Mademoiselle... Don't tell anyone but I bought that same COCO for a friend, not knowing if she would like it or not...but...then...decided... that I LOVED IT!
It's remains royally beribboned and waiting for my grand opening...
dare I? It's irrrrrrrrrrrresistable!

PS. I gave my friend something else equally wonderful that I KNEW she would love.

la Brocanteuse said...

Thank you for sharing COCO DE PARIS with us...on my way to visit her.....
We have 2 artists here that designs stationary and at their last exhibition they had a similar idea., not the glorious French paper though! They used theirs as note cards,seasonal themes on old storybook papers and even had little paperbags and teeny boxes covered with these artfull creations made out of them.. love the afghan too!! ( being a afghan fan and momma to afghans all my married life for over 30 years..)
have a lovely day Hugs and xx Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

Fashion-isha said...

Aah these are soo cool. I love anything creative that's unconventional and original. Amazing!

Nuit said...

oh WOW. This is so unique and beautiful! great find my dear! love xoxo

Juls~ said...

Hi Marsha!

Very cool and inspiring! Love her work!

Catherine Robinson said...

I love the Afghan too...a very talented artist thanks for sharing, Marsha.
Have a great weekend.

bee bon said...

Hello Marsha, what a find, thanks for sharing.
bee x