Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hill Country Style

remember on Tuesday I did a post about my hometown of Houston, 
so now we're moving out into our beautiful hill country, which comprises much
of our state.

a few images of the style of the hill country, which is NW of Houston,
encompassing Austin and surrounding small towns.


exposed native woods & a sense of comfort & livability abound.

sort of upscale countrified, don't you think?



the above scene could be in Provence or Tuscany or the Texas hill country.

& who wouldn't LOVE this kitchen?
so full of light & so warm,
not a bit formal, but completely organized and welcoming.

there are so many antique shops, bed & breakfast inns, charming little venues for
weddings...which are hugely popular barns decorated with crystal chandeliers
while cows graze about 50' away, rolling hills covered with bluebonnets in springtime,
and interspersed with what we call Indian paintbrushes which are red.



our styles

we even have Texas wines, many of them, with a huge
Wine & Music Festival in May

I think I need to go to this, don't you?


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