Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hill Country Style

remember on Tuesday I did a post about my hometown of Houston, 
so now we're moving out into our beautiful hill country, which comprises much
of our state.

a few images of the style of the hill country, which is NW of Houston,
encompassing Austin and surrounding small towns.


exposed native woods & a sense of comfort & livability abound.

sort of upscale countrified, don't you think?



the above scene could be in Provence or Tuscany or the Texas hill country.

& who wouldn't LOVE this kitchen?
so full of light & so warm,
not a bit formal, but completely organized and welcoming.

there are so many antique shops, bed & breakfast inns, charming little venues for
weddings...which are hugely popular barns decorated with crystal chandeliers
while cows graze about 50' away, rolling hills covered with bluebonnets in springtime,
and interspersed with what we call Indian paintbrushes which are red.



our styles

we even have Texas wines, many of them, with a huge
Wine & Music Festival in May

I think I need to go to this, don't you?


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Casa Très Chic said...

Oh, you're so blessed, your state is wonderful, I falled in love for each one of the images, all my style. I think I would be happy living there.
Now, about your lovely comments on my blog, you made my day.
I'm a dog person but I love and respect all the animals, and this I believe we have in common.
Look the immense ways the animals have contributed to humankind over the years, we should treat them the way they deserve.
Wish you had the most perfect Woman's day in the company of those you love the most.
Warm hugs to you

Simone said...

Fabulous images Marsha, I love them!!

Thank you for your lovely comment, you are wonderful Xx

Marguerite said...

Lovely post and divine pictures. We're moving to Austin in May, after 40 years in Houston. I'm excited and terrified! Thank you for sharing.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

The beams in the first image are just gorgeous. Everything his is so pretty!
Happy Thursday.

La Brocanteuse said...

ok, let's meet around that table with a view...then take a stroll down the fairy tale vineyards...have the left over cake..
Thank you for the delightful little day dream.
and thank you of course for your welcome visit to my blog.
have a lovely weekend, Colette x

Chris said...

Marsha! You've hit on my favorite, Hill Country!!! All the little towns...each one so unique and filled with great character, surrounded by the most wonderful landscapes, farms, animals, rivers and streams...can't ever get my fill. Comfort, Round Top and Luckenbach are favorite stops, but it is difficult to single even those out.
May Texas remain Texan and may the rest of the country take heed!
Ya'all have it stars!
Hugs, Chris

Leslie said...

Where to start? The hardwoods, the jewelry, the sweets, the natural woods and rug in the first image.. all gorgeous!

The enchanted home said...

Your beautiful state has so many the vibe and picture you painted above, sounds wonderful. Something for everyone! Love how they each have their own little flavor. Havea fabulous day Marsha!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Upscale countrified describes the Hill Country perfectly Marsha. Just one more reason to like Texas, oui? When the wildflowers bloom, it is more special than ever.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Since I live here, I just loved everything about this post! The Texas Hill Country and everything about it is such a blessing. You did a beautiful job!

Acquired Objects said...

That home is stunning and I can't believe it's outside of Houston you're right it looks more like Italy.

Enjoy your weekend!

Fer said...

OH my God,
There is nothing more chic and elegant than this chocolate cake in this straw suplat!

Have a nice weekend!