Monday, March 26, 2012

This Started Out to be About Skirts....

umbrella illumination 
"Umbrellas" installation art


planter lantern 

I wish I had thought of these illuminated containers...just so pretty, I think, & they
serve a lovely purpose too.


beautiful sheep, we saw lots of these over the weekend, along with many new baby sheep,
all looking so peaceful...


note the chandelier and the little pink painting on the left

PersephonesBox: yes!

isn't this wonderful?

Summer, beach...with the right fit, a white peasant skirt goes a long way!

Absolute summer wardrobe essential-pretty white long skirt. Wear with flip-flops, boots or barefoot in the sand.  

the point of all the white was only to be this...everyone needs a long white peasant skirt or straight skirt for
spring & summer...

I usually wear a huge baggy cotton sweater over mine, or maybe a big tee when it's
really hot, but seriously, these things are so much cooler than pants, and look SO new !

that's important, right ?

we were in Fredericksburg, Texas yesterday just chilling.

saw so many young women with wedges and their long skirts,
many many many "The Row" looks...
even in a hill country small town which is close to Austin we're seeing
smart, snappy dressing.

love it !!