Monday, March 26, 2012

My Every-6-Months Movie Review...late as it is...

"Girl with the Dragon Tatoo"
book into movie

by now everyone on the planet knows Rooney Mara, or they should.

for me, she is the ONLY reason to see David Fincher's movie.
Daniel Craig is Ms. Mara's co-star.

& he's only 1/2 undressed while she is completely undressed many many times.

I remember telling everyone on my blog that I had seen the Swedish version of
the film, I had read the book, and so I wanted to see this one.

going backwards a bit, I thought the book was very very very long & tedious with a lot
of content of no value to the story (like the hero sleeping with one of the relatives & the
horrible ending), but I read every word, ho-hum.  to me, it was not brilliant.

this American-made movie is not brilliant either.
so unless you love Daniel Craig and a lot of Swedish snow you can probably forget about it.

Rooney Mara is a completely different thing.
her acting abilities are amazing,  the actual belief one has that she IS the character seems natural.

a role that is completely unglamourous, a figure who goes from naive, 
to brilliant, to cunning, to brutal
so easily will take your breath away. 
 you actually cheer for her in the revenge she takes against her "guardian"
 ... & if you read the book you know he deserves it.

in the book and the movie the hideous character who has committed so many atrocities,
and finds it necessary to tell you all about them as someone awaits death is, in the end,
visited by the same enlightenment just before his own death.  

I won't read the other 2 books in this trilogy, but I will wonder how Lisbeth spends
the $300 billion she has gotten away with.

for a complete review see the NY Times here.
(just fyi, I agreed with them even before I read the review)



Leslie said...

I've read the first two books and STILL have not seen the movie. This is a reminder that I need to see it! She's gorgeous and I can't wait to see her get in character.

Have a fun week ahead!

Talia said...

Rooney Mara is stunning! I read the book, but can't see the movie. Too much violence...