Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TOM FORD, enough said

As some of you already know, I believe there are 3
top fashion designers who are blazing a new trail with their work,
and they are all American...

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen of The Row
Marc Jacobs


spend 1 minute of your time to see the video just released today showing 
the Tom Ford

Fall/Winter 2012 collection

certainly it is opulent & glamourous, but the key to understanding his influence
is to strip it down and look for the major element working throughout,
this will be re-interpreted all the way through the fashion food-chain.

btw, have any of you seen FASHION STAR, the Jessica Simpson & Nicole Richey
show?  I am surprised by how good it is, and love the fact that these up-&-coming
new designers have a shot at success with Sak's 5th Avenue, Macy's & H&M.

also, I had a chance to view My Week With Marilyn, the Weinstein film
a couple of days ago.  the overwhelming feeling of melancholy, the need for
approval, the insecurities and the incredible beauty of Marilyn are portrayed
with such insightfulness and tenderness.   definitely a chick-flick, but a not-to-be-missed

now, got to get dressed, daughter & I are going antique/flea-market shopping
this afternoon !!




  1. Marsha
    Thanks so much for sharing just a small piece of heaven today! Jalon

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!! All men should be Tom Ford :)

  3. I can always count on you to keep me posted on fashion! I love that! Watched Tom Ford and loved his work for quite awhile.
    I can identify, also, with something you said the other day, occasions that I used to love to dress for...galas...mindless, vacuous and most pretentious times of my life...been there, done that and will never go back! Times of our lives are too precious!
    xoxo, Chris

  4. What an amazing video - love the black dress with the gold ornamentation and all of the skin pieces...WOW!! Hope you have great success on your shopping spree with your daughter ~

  5. Tom Ford.....what a loss to womenkind....... took straight mate to My WeeK With Marilyn and he loved it!!


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