Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For A Small Space

very interesting divider concept separating the foyer from
the living room...very effective isn't it?

Room Divider separates foyer from living room. 

have you thought of using etched glass anywhere?
would you like it?


& this one found on Pinterest came from 
Ashlina @ The Decorista.

love the black & white drama with the tiny bit of blue


lonny masculine living room 
maybe a typical apartment, front door opens directly into the living area,
but the problem seems to have solved itself with this masculine take.
the art wall grouping, the suspended white shelf the only nod to
brightness, and the room looks wonderful, doesn't it?

beautiful  white living room 

don't you LOVE how the fireplace placement was completely ignored?
everything the same color except the blue chest & the artwork.

bedroom with brown walls 

all you need in a guest bedroom.

bed with blue bedding in a room with a pitched roof 

tiny little space rescued with style, love the "window" treatment playing to the
architecture of the room rather than the window itself.
great idea.

thank you to everyone for the lovely responses to my recent
jewelry post, all of this positive feedback means so much to me.




Leslie said...

That last window treatment is gorgeous. Interesting use of etched glass in your first image :)


Chris said...

I recognize Sarah's living room and her divider anytime. She is so good and in this space, it served her entry as a separate area well.
Great images.
xoxo, Chris

Glamour Drops said...

Some lovely concepts there. Etched glass - oh yes, love that. As a a divider, as a window, on drinking glasses, any which way I love it all! VB xx

Kristin said...

I like all the frames in your pictures today and that glass wall, very nice! Have a lovely day, Marsha!

Kristin xo

Statements in Fashion said...

That etched glass is such a great idea....it encloses the space, but not in a way that you cant breathe.....love the room with touches of blue too...have a great day hunnie!

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