Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do You Love White Ironstone ?

I mean vintage or antique ironstone?

would you pay the prices to add piece-by-piece
to end up with a great collection?

it's funny how our taste's and the styles change, isn't it?

I have 12 of these beautiful
Arte Italica Vetro Silver Chargers
they are fine crystal glass, handmade just outside Florence,
etched by artisans, embellished with sterling silver (not pewter).
they are a large 13 3/4" wide
Vetro Silver Charger

I can use them with many of my various china patterns, but I wanted them to
go with Amelia Castillo's artisan Black Panther dinnerware, which I purchased at her
studio in Mexico in 2002.  All of the pieces are black with a sterling silver black panther
draped across the top of each plate, the coffee cups have sterling silver panther handles.

So, those plates on these silver & crystal chargers...imagine.

I'm showing you the gold one so you can see the details better, that's all.
I don't have the gold.
Vetro Gold Charger

Why would a woman who has leaned to this sort of sophistication all her life
suddenly love white ironstone?