Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do You Love White Ironstone ?

I mean vintage or antique ironstone?

would you pay the prices to add piece-by-piece
to end up with a great collection?

it's funny how our taste's and the styles change, isn't it?

I have 12 of these beautiful
Arte Italica Vetro Silver Chargers
they are fine crystal glass, handmade just outside Florence,
etched by artisans, embellished with sterling silver (not pewter).
they are a large 13 3/4" wide
Vetro Silver Charger

I can use them with many of my various china patterns, but I wanted them to
go with Amelia Castillo's artisan Black Panther dinnerware, which I purchased at her
studio in Mexico in 2002.  All of the pieces are black with a sterling silver black panther
draped across the top of each plate, the coffee cups have sterling silver panther handles.

So, those plates on these silver & crystal chargers...imagine.

I'm showing you the gold one so you can see the details better, that's all.
I don't have the gold.
Vetro Gold Charger

Why would a woman who has leaned to this sort of sophistication all her life
suddenly love white ironstone?



Design is... All in the Detail said...

Isn't that funny... I have started collecting Mikasa French Countryside dishware... My cabinets are overflowing. I am totally in love with the off-white finish (this allows me to mix and match my Veitri serving pieces nicely!)I have been keeping my eyes open for some sort of charger that I can use for a 'not so formal' setting but that still gives the table that special something... still looking.
As always, Marsha... thanks for sharing and enjoy your day. Jalon
P.S. as I was writing this comment - the BeeGees started singing and my boyfriend walked into the room and joined in and started singing to me! (Thanks, Marsha!)

Glamour Drops said...

To keep things intereting, of course! Who wants to be predictable, after all? And if one doesn't have contrast, I think it's hard to appreciate the full beauty of each piece. X

Entertaining Women said...

I think that it's all about the artistic eye....and I believe that our artistic eye experiences different seasons....different passions will float in and out during those seasons. Just all part of the journey. I do know that no matter what I decided was my new passion, I'd never get rid of those glorious chargers. The gold ones are on my "list."...Someday. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Splenderosa said...

Oh no, I won't part with anything I've collected over decades. Everything like this is precious to me. I used to entertain several times a month so I used everything I own all the time, but times have changed. The ironstone makes me happy now because it's white, sleek & monochromatic. Just saying.....

melissa said...

I wrote a comment and it disappeared! basically I was commenting on how much I love white ironstone and how glad I am it survived the "Country" look. No more baskets, wreaths and herbs hanging from the rafters, but it survived because it is timeless. Thanks for this great post.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I love ironstone.
Someone recently told me it was "out" - well, now how can that be when I love it so much! Surly either I don't care or they are just wrong! I looks so clean and cheery compared with my more elegant dishes. It's like an LBD to me... I can dress it up or down!

Leslie said...

Gorgeous ironstone!! I love your first image and I can never get to much white!

Victoria said...

I have had a large collection of vintage and antique ironstone for decades. I love the warm white color and I am currently displaying it en masse on my dessert buffet. The monochromatic aspect appeals to me, especially in contrast to my newly painted warm gray walls. I also have a collection of antique Minton china -- with lots and lots of gold. who says you cannot love it all. Not I.
XO Victoria

Kristen said...

I've always loved the Vetro pattern, gold or silver. You lucky dog, you own a dozen chargers!! I am an Arte fan! Also, I love vintage ironstone, but when I see the prices, I come to my senses and buy copies. I think it's fun to have a variety of things, when you love to entertain it's nice to change things up.