Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Love....

the other day, Tish, over at Femme d'Un A Certain Age

was talking about discarding all the beauty products we don't use
& I, for one, completely got what she was saying.

on the flip side of this is my latest obsession


I am in love with their make-up products.

Especially, this blush.
I have very fair & really good skin,  and for most of my life I've used
(you're going to DIE) Max Factor Pancake Makeup which you apply with a wet sponge.
I can only find it on now, no longer at any drugstore.

the coverage is flawless, but one has to learn how to use it properly & that is
a painstaking ordeal - until you get it right.

anyway, the blush...

for those of us who no longer want shimmer, glitter, gloss, shine on our cheeks or eyelids
these Nars products are super.

the color is true to the charts, they go on matte but not dry,
and they apply very very smoothly, never leaving a big clump of color deposited where the
brush touches first.

I have my collection of makeup brushes, which I've owned for 20 years, all tried & true.
the ones I use for blush are never the ones included with the blush or eyeshadow,
they are all natural bristle & I think I bought them because they are pink.
my blusher brushes are medium sized, flat topped, not rounded.
for me this works best as I don't deposit color except exactly where I want it.

this Nars blusher is so easy to blend.
this fact alone makes it worth the $24.
& now that I'm hooked I don't think that's expensive, it works, it looks great
& I've actually thrown all the others out.
they are gone.

tomorrow, eyeshadows for us girls who don't want sheen or frost any longer.


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to see NARS blushers go HERE

happy day !!!