Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why is Everyone Liking Vintage?

I like some of it very very much, and we're not talking apparel or accessories this time...

but home furnishings.

my grandmother, Mom-Mom, had collections of everything.
I actually think she LOVED everything, could see beauty in the actual creation, you know?

& though I could never give up email or my computer,
I do hate it that no one hand-writes anything any longer.
I mean, I've even seen wedding invitations as E-Vites or done by email.


(via (2) Bonnie Anne Pinard / Pinterest)

my daughter, Vanessa, is putting together a very fine "vintage infused" website
which will debut shortly.
she's actually purchasing fine antique and real vintage articles for her shop.
mostly all dinnerware and serving pieces.

but she is also curating additional items which are all artisan made, and made in the
highest quality and craftsmanship I wish to add.
she is very definite in her requirements for the shop.

& are these photos of the vintage days or of today?

& here is a kitchen which could be old & vintage
or completely new.

so maybe antique and vintage are really "timeless,"  like this amazing photo?
this could never be out of style could it?

& so the collecting of lovely things either from the past (as I've always done)
or beautiful things which are current could never be a waste of money,
and will always be treasured.  

and eventually everything, even from today, will be vintage won't it?

so, tell me...what do you like?
very fine china or white ironstone?
do you love all the antique serving pieces from yesteryear or have you gone contemporary?
do you like replicas of old, timeless pieces?
do you love the look of painted furniture?

I would really love to know how you like to live everyday life
how you enjoy entertaining.



Ann said...

Grace was amazingly beautiful. Beyond.

As far as vintage goes, my appreciation goes just so far. There is that fine line that each of us has before it is dowdy or what I would just call used. Well curated is a must, quality is necessary. Hmm, does that make me a snob?

Glamour Drops said...

I love old and I love new - delicate detail and bold lines. To me, it isn't the age of a thing, it is whether it has intrinsic beauty of line, balance of proportion and a style which invites the eye to linger.

But here's a thought though, with all the cheap junky rubbish that is being mass-produced now, I honestly wonder what will actually hold up to make it to "antique" status in another 50 years. Quality, however, is never out of fashion. xx

La Maison Boheme said...

Old and new together is always best. Vintage pieces remind us that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. XO

martinealison said...

Une très belle publication...
J'aime ce qui me rappelle ma vie chez ma grand-mère... Un simple objet me fait me souvenir et c'est bon. Je pense que non seulement, les choses anciennes étaient et sont merveilleuses mais aussi parce qu'elles ont une âme.
Je ne veux pas dire que de nos jours nous ne créons plus de belles choses.
La photo de votre fille est merveilleuse et si un jour vous m'autorisez, il se peut que je puisse alors l'intégrer dans l'une de mes peintures, bien que jamais je n'ai peint à partir d'une photo, seulement d'imagination.
gros bisous

Sharon (Roses and Rust) said...

I love using both old and new. I use new crockery with old bone handled cutlery for everyday. I use vintage fine china tea cups, but more modern coffee mugs. I would like to use fine vintage china every day but it's just not very practical with 4 sons. I really do enjoy using my vintage tableware for entertaining and feel that it has so much more soul than the new stuff. Lovely post - it got me thinking about some vintage tableware that I own and haven't used for a while. I'm going to have to change that! x Sharon

Vanessa@Luxuria said...

I understand the whole vintage following, but I am more a contemporary girl-especially with jewelry and my home. I've found that people have adopted the word "vintage" for anything old, however tatty; for me this has taken away the real true meaning of vintage which you have clearly captured in this post ;-)

Fer said...

Love the Kitchen, specially the dry flowers on top of table!


The enchanted home said...

I definitely do like a lot of vintage, but not shabby vintage, more like fine vintage, just my own personal style but when done right I appreciate all styles. Vintage silver.....makes my heart sing. Mongorammed vintage linens, could make me faint. If they are from France thats the icing on the cake! You get the idea........:)

YONKS said...

At the moment I a loving art deco Bavarian bone china. So delicate, exquisite lay styled and becoming difficult to find. If I do list any in my Etsy shop, they only last a day or two. One does have to look for quality, there is a lot of TAT out there. Also, quality should not have to cost the earth, do your research!
Good luck to your daughter, and for me, the true magic with vintage is "they don't make it like they used to"! How many of our current everyday items will still be functional in 100 years?

Renée Finberg said...

i personally think 'vintage' is homey and warm.
and 'TODAY' in this scary world and it's economy....
we need to feel secure and safe.
a warm vintage home just feels stable,
and more permanent that high tech contemporary.


Victoria said...

My grandmother (Nanny), like yours, collected beautiful things. She had very little money so she would haunt the local junk shops for her treasures. I still have a number of her finds; a tiny cloisonne vase, iridescent demitasse cups, soapstone vases, etc. They are my treasures now. As for me, I collect antique Minton china (mismatched) as well as white ironstone; 19th century confit pots and 20th century McCoy; Italian alabaster fruit and hotel silver; early 20th century garden statuary and vintage radios. Yes, I inherited more than my short stature from my grandmother. When I entertain, as she did, I love to use it all, the vintage linens, the china, the silver and stemware or a totally contemporary table mixed with vintage pieces, and good food mixed with good company.
XO Victoria

linda said...

Love old and elegant and new and sleek, both.
Re: lip gloss...try Lorac!

designchic said...

I love a combination of the two. My base furniture pieces are antiques mostly family pieces which I treasure and I love to mix them up with a few gold and glass tables and more contemporary pieces. Combining the two adds more interest to me and has a look of collecting rather than decorating. In jewelry, I'm an antique lover...love the detail and history!!