Monday, May 7, 2012

A Project I'm Working On.....


I've been asked to design 12 napkin rings for my friend's
china & hock glass crystal, each to be just a little different
reflecting the different colors in the hock glasses.

This is the prototype.
I've looked at it for a long time.

A Silver-Plated Filigreed Napkin Ring, all the same,
which will allow me to wire the semi-precious stones & pearls
on without having any ugliness on the inside.
A tedious task, but it can be done.

This one is featuring the blues without being gaudy, and allowing
me to make the rings very similar, with only the slight color variation
of each one.  If you look carefully you can see the tiny blue beads...
these are Murano glass beads brought home with me from Venice.

They wanted a feeling of the sea as they live in California,
so instead of shells I've used Crystal Quartz Rounds, when wired
in they take on the rounded curves of seashells, I think, and just so much
more elegant.

Remember, this is completely unfinished, just the beginning
of the design.  Originally, I had thought to jewel the rings all the
way around, now I think not.
Once the napkins are inserted the rings will sit on the silver &
be embellished about 2/3 around.
Remember, every one will vary.

And, of course, there will be  Host & Hostess rings.

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  1. Marsha, These are absolutely fabulous...I mean fabulous!

  2. What's to critique? They are absolutely beautiful. Not too much and not too little. Just right!

  3. Marsha,
    As Mona said the napkins are fabulous! What a gorgeous idea of your friend!!!!!

  4. You are so clever .. that is going to be stunning .. I love wrist wear xx

  5. These are gorgeous Marsha! Before I read the post, just seeing the image, I thought...oh what a lovely bracelet...but goodness this is going to be awsome. Hope your friend allow you to share a photo of her table set with these gems..would love to see! Well done, inspiring beauty as allways from you.. Colette x

  6. I love these napkin rings, Marsha, and I agree with you completely about leaving the back unadorned. It will rest on the table or plate much better. What a lucky client! The inclusion of Murano blue glass beads is the perfect touch.
    XO Victoria

  7. Nothing to critique Marsha because what you designed is gorgeous. Who wouldn't love napkin rings as pretty as this? Hurry and get some in your shop as I purchased some antique napkins yesterday for a friends wedding this summer and those rings would be the finishing touch!


  8. Nothing to critique other than they are GORGEOUS and I think Neimans needs to pay attention to the next hot thing in tabletop!

  9. I think the same,Marsha....not all around with a stones:-)* If I have good understand you ideas!

    I like this way of your mind,of you thoughts,I mean!
    And you says that is not compleet, would be realy ''darlings'' :-)))*

    Much Love and my warmest hugs to you from Holland full of amazing tulips!


  10. Ahhhhh.............what a beautiful webshop do you made,dear Marsha,looks fantastic!!!


  11. How absolutely beautiful these napkin rings are, Marsha, but more importantly, I cannot believe we won the BEYOND STUNNING cuff at Tina's. We are getting our head above water this morning after a whirlwind weekend of having Will baptized and a luncheon at our home afterwards, so have been a little behind in our blogging. Imagine our complete excitement with this news!!! Thank you ever so much for your most generous giveaway - can hardly wait!!!

  12. I loved them from the first frame - had hoped it was a bracelet!
    Thank you for starting my day with my Favorite song ;-D

  13. I loved it from the first frame and had hoped it was a new bracelet!
    Thank you for starting my day with my Favorite Song ;-D

  14. Gorgeous Marsha! I love the fact you didn't use shells ... crystal quartz rounds are much classier.
    Can't wait to see the finished product.

  15. What a place setting, I would adore to go to dinner with an elegant table like this.
    You've got so much talent. Wonderful idea, Marsha. Good Luck. Neimens should carry this.

  16. Just beautiful, Marsha. Love.
    Happy Tuesday.

  17. Cherie,

    How about designing the same thing for "us" as bracelets? Who wouldn't love to have one of those????


  18. I love these little works of art. They are exquisite! Susan at Romancing the Home

  19. Marsha... those are absolutely beautiful! I too though it was a piece of jewelry, not knowing the scale of it.


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