Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Dress & A Room....

red rugs, coral rugs

Oscar de la Renta's color composition for the Tulip dress could be used to create a glamorous living room, dining room or library. Oscar de la Renta has created drama by layering a range of reds from yellow reds to blue reds, then extending the range of warm colors with touches of tan and gold. Finally he creates pop with white, charcoal and black.

J. Randall Powers recasts a generic 1990s house as an art filled triumph, AD, Living room, 715p

Houston Interior Designer J. Randall Powers designed his chic and cozy Houston living room with an alluring mix of styles that include Chinoiserie, Art Deco and traditional. Warm tomato reds pop against grey and white upholstery. A red, black and grey Navajo custom rug brings energy and movement. Mirrors on either side of the fireplace give the illusion of space. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

red rugs, coral rugs