Friday, November 23, 2012

A Coffee?

This is what I'm doing on Black Friday...I have never understood the madness of going out the
day after Thanksgiving to shop.  Of course, maybe the reason is that I worked in retail ?
At Sak's 5th Avenue we didn't ever have regular customers shop over this weekend, and
we had very little traffic, so this says a lot about the desire for electronics, cookware, gear of
any kind for the outdoors, etc.  I just heard a report on TV that 1/2 of our population is out shopping.

I actually prefer ordering on line.
Do any of you?

To me there is a luxury of having merchandise arrive at your doorstep.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still love walking around in different stores, seeing what's new.
There is a little thrill in it for us girls, I think.
Seeing how the visuals are presented in the luxury stores gives one an idea of
what's happening to put together apparel in ways we would never have 
considered, you know?

And, then there are the shoes.
We must be there to shop for shoes.
Plus, I've never met a woman who said she had enough shoes.

The holiday season is upon us...I have already planned so many posts for this time of the year.
Please bear with me while I change the music to tunes of the season, a playlist I labored over
last year is already in place for you guys to enjoy...or hate.

I've even committed to doing a DIY cake decorating post for
Yvonne @ StoneGable.
The schedule for her 4 link parties is below.
the link to her blog is here


Yvonne is one of the original members of our "By Invitation Only" group,
and every single day she amazes me with her love for everyone and
her beautiful tablescapes.


I'm taking one of the Labs to the vet for her 2nd laser treatment for arthritis,
I am so hoping she benefits from this as she is suffering badly.
If any of you have suggestions please send them on to me.

Big HUG !!!