Thursday, November 29, 2012

Table Trimming

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I was supposed to be describing how the
yellow accents in the blue and taupe Neoclassical Aubusson rug echo the pale yellows in the dining chairs & in the niche displaying blue and white china. 
And that a  dark wood dining table provides contrast 
and red wine glasses pop 
amidst the greens of the wreaths and floral arrangements...

but I prefer to comment on the beautiful lushness & extravagance of the
table decorations which are made possible by the table sitting in the background,
piled high with dinnerware, desserts, and many other things.

I also love the bare wood table with white linens...there is something in me which
decidedly does not like tablecloths, no matter how splendid.
I prefer beautiful place-mats, always.

& it doesn't even bother me to have different crystal patterns intermixed.

what I really like is having the holiday foods off the main dining table,
hopping up to replenish doesn't bother me.

& it is making me so happy to see everyone's decorating in their
homes, from tables to trees.

tell me, what do you like the best for your holiday tables?

wishing you merry