Thursday, November 29, 2012

Table Trimming

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I was supposed to be describing how the
yellow accents in the blue and taupe Neoclassical Aubusson rug echo the pale yellows in the dining chairs & in the niche displaying blue and white china. 
And that a  dark wood dining table provides contrast 
and red wine glasses pop 
amidst the greens of the wreaths and floral arrangements...

but I prefer to comment on the beautiful lushness & extravagance of the
table decorations which are made possible by the table sitting in the background,
piled high with dinnerware, desserts, and many other things.

I also love the bare wood table with white linens...there is something in me which
decidedly does not like tablecloths, no matter how splendid.
I prefer beautiful place-mats, always.

& it doesn't even bother me to have different crystal patterns intermixed.

what I really like is having the holiday foods off the main dining table,
hopping up to replenish doesn't bother me.

& it is making me so happy to see everyone's decorating in their
homes, from tables to trees.

tell me, what do you like the best for your holiday tables?

wishing you merry



  1. What a beautiful room, Marsha! I love a great centerpiece and beautiful china and stemware! Now that my tree is finished, I can actually focus on my tables!

  2. Good morning Marsha,

    Beautiful, and elegant room. For my celebrations I personally like lots, and lots or finger foods and desserts that one can just pick and pick. Anything that has a potato, artichoke or some chocolate is fine with me.

    Have a great day, elizabeth

  3. Wow!!!!! That picture is to die for! Love every single thing about about ushering in the holiday season in serious style!!

  4. Marsha!
    This is one beautiful table! Thank you for sharing.

  5. It is beautiful. I love fresh flowers or greens on the table at every time of year.

  6. I completely agree Marsha. I rarely drag out the tablecloth unless I am covering a not so pretty table!

  7. For years I collected vintage Christmas tablecloths--but they are difficult to use because I'm left with so much white area on the table. Hate to give them up but I do love the look of wood when you use placemats on your blog, and even tables where the china, etc. are put on bare wood.

  8. That room is exquisite! I love seeig a beautiful, wood table too especially if it is adorned with beautiful placemats and napkins; gorgeous dinnerware and FLOWERS!!!! XO, Pinky

  9. Marsha….can you come help me get ready for my Christmas Party? I sure love your way of thinking! Quite possibly because it's exactly like me!! Love this picture and love this post! We will have a seated dinner for 30! Yes, we will! And They can get up and replenish their plates as needed! And i do NOT Like tablecloths! never have…( unless they are exquisite hand sewn lace from Switzerland like my mother in law brought us all!) LOVE great placemats and chargers and lots of layering!!! Beautiful post!

  10. Actually, what I like best is having my family around the table! But I love to mix heirloom china and crystal and remember those family members that once set their holiday tables with these treasured heirlooms.! . I love to set a table that brings back good memories, funny stories and treasured memories. Your table is gorgeous by the way. You always inspire me! Susan at Romancing the Home

  11. What I like best about my holiday table is the peole around it nothing else matters. That dining room is something else llove how festive it all looks.

    Enjoy your weekend Marsha!


  12. Marsha, I agree, this is a lovely table and lovely presentation! That beautiful buffet display at the back is wonderful. Yes, it is fun to get up and refill isn't it? This just evokes memories of lovely Christmas Eve meals to me. Ours is always the formal event and then Christmas Day is a more casual buffet. I guess because that is how I grew up and I want to recapture those wonderful memories. Have you heard from our contest winner yet? Let me know! Enjoy the Christmas preparations!

  13. Stunning interesting you mentioned the bare wood table..I love it too but cannot seem to end the madness with table clothes and just enjoy the beauty that my table has...I hide what jumped out at me and said buy me!! I will try it!

  14. I can almost smell the delicious scent of the paperwhites! The garland and wreath make such a festive space - feeling inspired for my weekend decorating ~

  15. This room is so inviting and the table is gorgeous. Love the wood table showing.

  16. It's a beautiful table and think it will look gorgeous with candlelight too. I love candles on a holiday table!

  17. This is such a beautiful table setting Marsha, lush and interesting, and I like to pile up little stacks of things too, like napkins and dishes, and love to favourite thing is candle seems to make everything magical! Enjoy the beginning of this beautiful season, N.xo

  18. This is really a perfect table in a perfect dining room! How beautiful and so rich with color and design!!!! I love the hanging wreath! Elegant... just like you, dear friend!


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