Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dreaming, again....

today I am joining a few of my friends in imagining things
we would love in a dream home.
the list of participants is at the bottom of this post.

above all, my dream home would be situated so there was an amazing view of the ocean,
I love Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coast, all the way to Canada, and I love the
weather too.

as most of you know I live in Houston, it's flat, heavily wooded, lushly green, but it's a city
for business, there is nothing beautiful in the terrain, and it's hot in the summer.

I love gardening, beautiful flowers and it makes me happy to see the gifts they give us
each day.

this is the reason for wanting to be near the ocean.

also I love large large rooms with soaring ceilings, and architecture of the
Montecito style, soft contemporary...

a kitchen large enough for a party, with all the newest appliances, and views outdoors,
this is a must.

a completely different style of decor, but I love it too...
a lovely place of repose.

& the above could be a part of the master bedroom, hardwood floors
fluffy comfort, opulence, again the views

this powder room typifies what I really like, sleek, dramatic, sophisticated.

I love the symmetry of this poolside, the manicured appearance.

here too, a natural environment, almost.
natural surrounded with manicured symmetry, focal points of high drama,
again, it's just me...a lot of planning, a lot of care, but a place of beauty forever.

please hop over to visit the other participants,
you will be enchanted with their dreams...