Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dreaming, again....

today I am joining a few of my friends in imagining things
we would love in a dream home.
the list of participants is at the bottom of this post.

above all, my dream home would be situated so there was an amazing view of the ocean,
I love Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coast, all the way to Canada, and I love the
weather too.

as most of you know I live in Houston, it's flat, heavily wooded, lushly green, but it's a city
for business, there is nothing beautiful in the terrain, and it's hot in the summer.

I love gardening, beautiful flowers and it makes me happy to see the gifts they give us
each day.

this is the reason for wanting to be near the ocean.

also I love large large rooms with soaring ceilings, and architecture of the
Montecito style, soft contemporary...

a kitchen large enough for a party, with all the newest appliances, and views outdoors,
this is a must.

a completely different style of decor, but I love it too...
a lovely place of repose.

& the above could be a part of the master bedroom, hardwood floors
fluffy comfort, opulence, again the views

this powder room typifies what I really like, sleek, dramatic, sophisticated.

I love the symmetry of this poolside, the manicured appearance.

here too, a natural environment, almost.
natural surrounded with manicured symmetry, focal points of high drama,
again, it's just me...a lot of planning, a lot of care, but a place of beauty forever.

please hop over to visit the other participants,
you will be enchanted with their dreams...



  1. Can I come live with you!!! Oh, so beautiful. It looks just like you Marsha!

    1. Yes, you can come live with me, just as soon as I move in myself !!

  2. Gorgeous, Marsha!!! I love the first picture!

    Enjoy your day! xoxo

    1. Sandy, the huge rooms always beckon me. I think it's the never ending vistas that cause me to love them so much.

  3. Marsha if I promise to cook for you, and I'm a great cook, may I please come visit you A LOT? I love everything you picked out and talk about a dream home!


  4. And I thought for sure it would be a hut on the beach....It is so you.....that bathroom so typifies your style! I love everything you picked...gorgeous draperies in the master...a garden and pool to die for....I don't see a think I don't like...but I expected nothing less!!

  5. Totally in awe,Marsha with all these dreamy photos.....
    The first one image took my breath away,really!!!

    I'd like the high ceilings,it brings in your room much light and air.......

    I wish to you mostly wonderful spring days,my dear friend:-)))*

    Much Love,

  6. Marsha ... that first photo - WOW!!! and that powder room ... it is so much fun to set our imagination in motion ... all starts with a dream ..Happy Tuesday my friend, C. (HHL)

  7. Hi Marsha...your dream home is fabulous, I love the height in the rooms! You have a beautiful eye for detail..but I am not suprised as it shows in everything you do. So happy to share this post with you!

    Jeanne xx

    PS...I noticed that my link is not working...here it is in case you would like to update it.. :)


  8. Its all gorgeous! The pool is just what we are doing with ours at the moment, the pond spilling over the edge looks lovely I might have to consider this instead of the slot we have in the construction, this is great timing :) Have a great week Marsha !

  9. FAbulous! Love the high ceilings and the airy feel! I will take it especially the part about the weather! I love California weather!
    xo Karolyn

  10. Marsha...I wish you could move out here....than we could meet for lunch! Love your dream home...

  11. Move over Marsha... I am moving in with you... xv

  12. come on over and we'll drive up the coast--30 miles away. lunch at the biltmore or whatever they call it now.

  13. Hi, Marsha. Love the vaulted ceilings, the walls of windows and the wide-open living spaces, great for gathering all your friends and family around you. Why am I not surprised the powder room you love looks like a piece of jewelry?(!) Stay well xo~L {LeAnn, linenandlavender.net}

    I just noticed on your blogroll that my Dream Home post isn't showing up. I hadn't noticed it til just now but checked and it hasn't updated on my blogroll either. Hmmm...that's a new issue I haven't encountered before...wish me luck!

  14. This is just as elegant and sophisticated as I imagined it would be! x Sharon

  15. Beautiful dream home! but that is what dreams are supposed to be, isn't? bring beauty and love. I also dream of a house by the water, swim every morning, walk the beach, fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. I do not dream of a grand house, but an airy, casual house open to the sky and the see. Love, Francine


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