Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oscar Worthy......

can't you just see yourself wearing this?
I can.
so soft, so feminine, relaxed & refined...
who else...
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013

however, if this is a tad over your price point, as it is mine,
think about what you already own which could replicate this look.

there are so many prints available this year it would be pretty
easy to find a skirt, like a nice watered silk print, pop
on a really pretty plain white tee,
& if you don't have a white lace-edged, ruffle-edged cardigan
run to SteinMart or Target & see if they have any.

if you do a plain white cardi pin a silk flower somewhere.

add some knock-out jewelry and shazam, you've got it !

add tan or silver shoes/bag...I think white would be too much...
silver would be a knock out as anything with shine is right now,
but if you've not brave enough, use khaki tan.

I love the idea of these muted colors, instead of the really bright ones.
But, I'm very pale unless I've got a major tan and those bright colors just
take over when I wear them.



  1. I can, I can!! What a gorgeous dress, I'd love to have it custom made by my seamtress, specially for my grandgirl's First Communion this year.. as it's no biggie around here, people often have their cloths made to measure! I'm copying it! Thanks for sharing. Have a super week.

    1. Fabiola, this would be gorgeous on you. What a good idea...go for it!!

  2. GORGEOUS. One of my favorite color combinations....and then you throw in the element so eyelet and scallop....and I am a goner:)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and SO fresh, Marsha! Thank you for sharing such a lovely dress.

  4. Gorgeous dress. Would love the figure too!

  5. Divine! You are correct! "shop in your closet!!"

    and add your jewelry!


  6. Being that soft and lacey isn't really my thing but it is stunning!!!!


  7. The more I look at it the more I love it. Perfect for the summer wedding we will be attending.

  8. OH YES,....Relaxed and refined!!!

    I see this fantatsic fashion outlook together with your jeweleries,Marsha and with a pair of beautiful fashionable shoes,SOooooooo dreamy!;-)*

    Wish to you wonderful week,

    Sending to you my virtual hugs,

  9. Oh I can totally see myself wearing that, no problem at all! xo Caroline

  10. I have a beautiful white lace blouse somewhere in the back of my closet... and this reminds me I ought to see if it still fits (sigh)... It's been a few years, but I loved it with a simple pencil skirt and pumps.

    This is lovely.


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