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the amalfi coast, again

I Agree With Richard Wagner

the composer had been so taken with the beauty of the Villa Rufolo in Ravello that he is said to have proclaimed, in reference to a character in his own opera Parsifal, 
"Here is the enchanted garden of Klingsor."
It's hard not to agree!

the town of Amalfi, view from a villa to the Mediterranean,
& yes, the water is this color & crystal clear

Vico Equense, morning along the Mediterranean Coast of Italy

Vico Equense is part of the greater Bay of Naples metropolitan area and is a
popular destination for tourists. Located on a high cliff, it is relatively close to the
ferry to the island of Capri,  Vesuvius, the Monte Faito and the ancient town of Pompeii.

The town is bordered by Castellammore de Stabia, Meta, Piano di Sorrento,
Pimonte & Positano.

Vico Equense an ediface from the early 7th century, fitted with a new door

the Napoli coastline

Villa in Italy

it seems impossible but everywhere you look you will see buildings like this one.
at first, you photograph them all, you linger a bit too long, afraid you will never
see anything as beautiful again...
but around the next bend in the twisting coastal road...

as you walk through the street down to the beach, 
shops line each side, delicious.

Positano, the last days of summer on the beach.
notice how steep the walk back up will be.

view to Atrani from above

Potone, a section of the town of Amalfi, looking down to the sea

(via Luxurious / Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Italy)

view from the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Italy
simply irresistible

& if you decide to opt for a vacation rental, which is the absolute best vacation,
there are things like this to choose from...

the view from Villa Alta
Villa Alta is a completely private setting made truly splendid by endless panoramic views of the coast across the sweeping bay of Positano and towards Punta Campanella. The villa is just 1.5km (1 mile) from the lively attractions and the beaches of Positano. From the main coastal road, a winding staircase leads to a large and spectacular terrace garden, brimming with flowering potted plants, trees, statues, and bronze wall sculptures.

or this one

or this lovely on the Isle of Capri

to see more of this beauty go HERE

this one is near the town of Amalfi itself
see more HERE

by now you have probably seen enough to know that I think one must have a view to the sea,
for me this is the reason to be here.

when looking for villas to rent, or anything, be mindful of the many steps you may encounter
at the entrance to the homes as most are perched atop, or alongside, a steep mountainside.

we have had to decline a couple of homes because of this, it would just make it so
difficult to come & go many times a day and trudge up the stairs and then back down again.

another thing to remember...when you're in one of these homes on a holiday sometimes it's just
wonderful to have "a stay-a-home day."
cook the local foods, one never stays indoors anyway the weather is so mild,
relax and schmooze with your friends and family.
I bring all the music I love and have the speakers outside so we can enjoy on the
terrace or by the pool.  of course, this goes back to my post on "By Invitation
Only" about being an over-achiever.

we always invite people to come stay with us.
they never seem to mind how tiny a bedroom can be, they are all delighted to be included
in the fun of exploring the countryside, discovering little trattorias tucked in some
tiny place, driving along the seemingly impossibly narrow streets and roads,
and generally hanging out.
none of us ever shop for apparel, but if we see something we can't resist and which
would be unavailable in the states we go for it.
if you're small you will be in heaven with the clothes, cause the locals are small & everything
will fit you.

for me, getting to know some of the bar-keeps, the girls in the shops, and the neighbors is
absolutely the best.  
Sorrento is my favorite spot because we have come to know some of the residents, we
even know their dogs.

if you go to the Amalfi Coast, do not make the mistake of going beyond their
high season at the end of summer, oh yes it will be less expensive...but it rains
every single day...not a torrential downpour, a very gentle misting rain.  I know because
we've done this.  worst thing, most of the villas do not have dryers for the clothes, 
washers yes, but they still hang things out on the line to dry in the sun..once the rains come
this is impossible and you will be very sad not to have stacks of clean towels awaiting you.
just FYI.

the photo below best represents, to me, the vibe of the Amalfi Coast.
totally happening, a bit extravagant, and a lot of fun.
everything is beautiful, so make this a time for you to shine too.
wear anything you want, it's the country of
Dolce & Gabbana
Roberto Cavalli
Bottega Veneta

if you've seen those Fiat commercials where the little car drives along the coast
and then takes a dive...that's what I'm talking about...

this is the place to wear all the jewelry you own, all at the same time.
to have the best pedicure on Earth.
to own a precious pair of sandals, a bag full of long scarves,
huge bag and a tiny one,

an outfit like this

armani, of course

Olivia, our American-Italian whose sense of style is always always perfect

you'll be in a place where time doesn't mean anything at all...
except when you have a plane to catch.

I've done many Amalfi Coast posts in the past which covered other
things like food/wine/lemoncello.

ahhhhh, Lemoncello...
so hard to find the perfect one



  1. BREATHTAKING POST.....I feel like i have been on a mini virtual vacation and its only 6am. Talk about a beautiful way to start the day!
    I love your idea of a "stay at home day" cooking all the local foods and just being a native for the day.....what a dream!

  2. Oh have transported me to one of my favourite places...we are holidaying in Positano this Summer...we adore the Amalfi coast, Sorrento, Ravello...such special, beautiful places and the food...I LOVE your choice of outfit of course Mr. Armani...we have such similar tastes ;-)

  3. I love every single thing about this is simply perfect! Thanks for sharing, Marsha. xoxo

  4. Marsha,dear....

    Your post touched me and HOW generously wonderful combintion of images!!!
    It looks like a HEAVEN on Earth,totally agree with you:-)*

    And Olivia Palermo is just one of the mostly beautiful girl!

    Thank you for share your vibrant experiences here,

    Much Love,

  5. Love this post - fabulous photos - it's on my list! Would love to "pin" some of these beautiful scenes.

  6. I am dying to go to Italy again...are you planning a little escape my dear?? Relished every moment of this wonderful post!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos Marsha! I've been to numerous parts of Italy, and have loved every second of it, however, not the Amalfi coast. It's an artists dream and I get to "write it off" for taxes that is. It truly does look like a heaven on earth. This is my next stop thanks to you.

  8. Hi Marsha,

    I loved this beautiful post, as it reminds me of my gorgeous honeymoon 26 years ago this August! My husband and I stayed at the stunning Hotel Caruso Belvedere in Ravello......a very romantic and special place that has a special place in my heart!

    Thank you!


  9. Marsha you have definitely made this girl go into day dream land ... these photos are breathe taking! thank you for sharing such beauty...xo HHL

  10. The sheer beauty of these photos, sentiments and music... brought tears to my eyes... Thank you for sharing your gifts my dear!!

  11. I love this part of Italy, it is truly gob smacking gorgeous ! The photos of Positano brought me back there !
    ps i moved to wordpress, now at :)
    Renata xx


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