Monday, April 1, 2013

Pacific Coast of the USA & "By Invitation Only" Tomorrow !!

doesn't get much better than this, does it?

high ceiling
I love the neutral scheme of the decor, making the greens and blues so much more important,
don't you think?

Goodness, my little grandchildren had a super time hunting Easter eggs here at our home
yesterday.  MiMi (me) made their baskets and they were a big hit 'cause I did them waaay up.
Needless to say, kids love over-the-top stuff.
Sheriff loved the confetti eggs and could not wait to smash each and every one of them.
Just like a boy, right?
Little Archer was in awe of the glitter and sequined eggs and wondered if they opened.

The only tragedy was the tie-dyed eggs I actually boiled and decorated myself.
The dye isn't stable and once refrigerated they must stay cold. Of course, the
directions don't tell you this, so when I took them out of the refrigerator, as they
started warming up the dye became liquid again, making what I would call a total mess.
The kids didn't seem to notice though, and my son thought they looked "cool."

So, a happy day, when ended with dinner at a friend's home, and we didn't return
home until 11:00PM.
I was feeling like the floppy-eared bunny by then.

Have a lovely day, my friends...

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Vogue Netherlands Mia Marionette
don't laugh, I had shoes like this on my honeymoon
almost 14 years ago, was I early or have they come
around again?

newest poster out for "Gatsby"
some say they may preview at Cannes

what do you think of Leo in this shot?