Monday, April 1, 2013

Pacific Coast of the USA & "By Invitation Only" Tomorrow !!

doesn't get much better than this, does it?

high ceiling
I love the neutral scheme of the decor, making the greens and blues so much more important,
don't you think?

Goodness, my little grandchildren had a super time hunting Easter eggs here at our home
yesterday.  MiMi (me) made their baskets and they were a big hit 'cause I did them waaay up.
Needless to say, kids love over-the-top stuff.
Sheriff loved the confetti eggs and could not wait to smash each and every one of them.
Just like a boy, right?
Little Archer was in awe of the glitter and sequined eggs and wondered if they opened.

The only tragedy was the tie-dyed eggs I actually boiled and decorated myself.
The dye isn't stable and once refrigerated they must stay cold. Of course, the
directions don't tell you this, so when I took them out of the refrigerator, as they
started warming up the dye became liquid again, making what I would call a total mess.
The kids didn't seem to notice though, and my son thought they looked "cool."

So, a happy day, when ended with dinner at a friend's home, and we didn't return
home until 11:00PM.
I was feeling like the floppy-eared bunny by then.

Have a lovely day, my friends...

more from the foxhole tomorrow with
the monthly international blog party, the membership of which
consists of invited bloggers from around the world.

come back to see our take on

"our most difficult CHALLENGE"
& how it changed us for the better

Vogue Netherlands Mia Marionette
don't laugh, I had shoes like this on my honeymoon
almost 14 years ago, was I early or have they come
around again?

newest poster out for "Gatsby"
some say they may preview at Cannes

what do you think of Leo in this shot?



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...


Happy day! Happy April! It sounds as if you had a fabulous family Easter! I am sure that the grandchildren had a lot of fun with the egg hunt and the baskets.

I am looking forward to your By Invitation Only Event!

Take care, Elizabeth

vicki archer said...

I am a Leo fan... so while he looks a little severe... i can forgive that... :) xv

VM Creation Atelier said...

How wonderful to read about you grandchilds.....:-)))*
So lovely I melt when I read it.
I am gald-you has a very nice Easter!

And SURE,tomorrow I want to see all posts for ''Invitation only'' from all talented ladies from the whole world!

My warm hugs from Amsterdam to you,

Glamour Drops said...

Fabulous room and even more fabulous view! I am afraid to say I am not a Leo fan. He always seems to play the same personality in his characters. Handsome, yes. But not a great actor in the true sense, to me. Having said that, he is probably perfectly cast in the Great Gatsby though. xx

Splenderosa said...

Love Leo, love his talent.

Splenderosa said...

Oh, goodness, how can you say Leo isn't a good actor? Did you see him in "The Departed?" Of course, everyone was wonderful in that film, I think. And, how could the sweet & beautiful Robert Redford have been a great Gatsby when we all think of him as the ideal American actor of all times. Leo's portrayal will be whatever the director wants it to be. I don't think I will like the firm at all, but I'll certainly see it. xx's

Flora Fascinata said...

Not laughing, love those shoes, think you should still be wearing them! Xx

Marie Arden said...

Hi I cant get to the shop the weebly link is broken google says. I tried several ways to get to shop. Just thought you should know maybe it is down. It is Mon pm that I am trying to get to the shop part.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if I am invited or not! I don't get the "by invitation only"!

what I do "get" (or at least in my own way....F. Scott Fitzgerald)!

I was an English major in college....and I did my "thesis" on him!

there were all these short-stories written for the magazines..."LIFE"; "LOOK";...never published in book form. He continues to fascinate me! (I am now 66! Sheesh!!!)

I have been a decorator for 44 years! And that is my taste....(kinda Long Island; Pasadena, Winnetka,Sister Parish. If any of that makes any sense to you....then you "get" me!!) None of my clients in the last 30 years has had to "redo anything!"

So! I cannot wait to see the movie! I have consistently avoided all "trendy" I am probably called:"a stick-in-the mud"!!

I accept that title!

It is OK! Brooke and Steve Giannetti are building (Dear God; they are almost finished!) a house in Ojai.....they say the inspiration was our house!

That is all I need for a lifetime! And that is the truth!
they are building a "new house" with a "soul"!

And it isn't the first time!

Brooke took me to look at their first Santa Monica......a better house I have never seen for bringing up a family!

These people know what they want; and they know what they are doing!

What a wonderful and fortunate family!



ps That Leonardo would never; and I mean NEVER look like Jay Gatsby! Who are these people in Hollywood? Did Leonardo read the book?

If he had a brain in his head; he would have said......"I am not right for the part!" So wrong!!
Gatsby was an "upstart"; but no way Italian.........(not racist; not even anti-American)!!
I will tell you what was in my imagination when I read ALL (I am serious; I have read more F. Scott Fitzgerald than most people alive today!!)
Gatsby was, in my opinion, F.Scott himself; fulfilling his fantasy of his life! He was a "WASP"; from an old family newly poor; with "grand ambitions"!
When Scott married Zelda; he thought he would change his position in life to one more "suited for him"!

Then she went "crazy"! I believe their daughter; "Scottie" is still alive!

It is a great tragedy! Zelda died in a fire at her mental hospital......(who really knows....they called lots of things "crazy" in those days!
And he died so so young in Hollywood. Which he did not like at all! He was right!

Marsha! I don't think I will like it either! But we must SEE it



Anonymous said...

Jay Gatsby NEVER had that look on his face! NEVER!!

someone did not get this book.

I will go see it alone!