Wednesday, April 17, 2013

White on White

Enrico Maria Bridal Collection 2013

via Ashlina, the decorista
hydrangea quercifolia

I'm in the middle of redesigning the garden courtyard outside my bedroom,
there is a large 3-tiered fountain all of natural stones and a rather extensive
area which desperately needs to be reclaimed (& I mean this seriously).
I've purchased some of the most beautiful white hydrangeo, New Guinea Impatiens in
hot pink, white caladiums, many coleus of all varieties, mandevilla, and some
gorgeous begonias...the area receives mostly shade throughout the summer,
so fortunately for me, these plants should thrive.

all the jewelry is Splenderosa's own,
please see the shop icon at top right, it's clickable so it will take you
right over....



  1. White... my ALL TIME favorite!!! I love wearing the necklace to the wedding... I thought of you!!!

  2. Love your white on white choices Marsha... superb... all of them... xv

  3. That first image really grabbed my attention with the hint of orange underneath. Trust me I have my own white on white working. I had on a white t-shirt yesterday while raking and my white arms were shockingly bright....;) I hope you share your garden with us I would love to see.

    Enjoy your day Marsha!

  4. Gorgeous Marsha. You just can't go wrong with white :-)


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