Monday, April 15, 2013

While I Was Wondering....

if any of my jewelry clients would buy these necklaces, as they are very
opulent, very fashion forward, obviously not "real" gemstones,
but, just perfect for right now....

each and every piece except the 4 I managed to snag were SOLD OUT.

this is the meaning of FAST FASHION

we have ONE of the Multi-Colors, as shown below

& we have THREE of the Pink/Red ones, shown below.

I am shocked at how quickly other merchants snapped these up.

Anyway...the dimensions are

4" across at the widest part from edge of stone to edge of stone
4" down from the "V" of the necklace to the bottom of the large teardrop stone.

please believe me, they are stunners, the colors are vibrant, 
not flat-looking like in these photos 
as the stones are faceted and actually "set" 
like gemstones into mountings.

 they will look fabulous on anyone brave enough to wear them.

the chains are burnished (blackened) metal triple-chains, so they almost have a
vintage look to them.
don't tell anyone they aren't vintage and no one will know.....

they are in the shop now, click the "Shop Splenderosa" icon at top right
to be taken to the website, then under
"Fashion Necklaces"

$ 125

let me know what you think
pro or con

Carey Mulligan gracing Vogue's May issue
as Daisy Buchanan
totally cannot wait to see this film

Carey Mulligan

they've even got Brooks Brothers to come up with some "Gatsby" looks as well,
more on that...



The enchanted home said...

I am DYING to see the film....looks amazing!!!! I at first wasn't sure about her being cast as Daisy but then I realized she reminds me a lot of Mia Farrow so see why....Leo is perfecto as Jay. Can't wait...gorgeous baubles!!

laura wilson said...

I do like the multicolored necklace very mush, but am wondering about the chain. Might like it better if it were gold. I think your jewelry is great!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Oh Marsha... you have to know I love these necklaces! You have exquisite taste in all things my dear! For you to call me your cosmic twin... my heart is full! Wouldn't it be so fabulous to meet! Until then I must admire you from afar... and soak in the beauty you put out into the world via this space of sheer inspiration!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

It does sound like a good movie but will probably not come around here. oh well.