Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Which Derby Horse Have You Picked?


Blonde Mane 

I haven't chosen a horse, but I have chosen my outfit.
Post it tomorrow.

We'll be in Houston TV'ing it this year.
Yeah, I know, very disappointing not to go,
but I'm still going to have fun.
Big soiree at one of the clubs so it won't be boring at all.

Anyway, I've been a few times, maybe it's time for someone else to have my seat?

Renee & Yvonne, which one are you betting on?



  1. Oh sweet Marsha, I don't know who is running... I've been so consumed with getting Chris and Abby's northern wedding reception together.
    I take the one you do! xo

  2. Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see your outfit.

  3. Oh Marsha, you lucky girl, having been to the Derby before! My post tomorrow is on the Derby...I am picking Orb!

  4. Quelle merveilleuse photo que celle que vous nous montrez de ce cheval...
    Je suppose que vous allez en photographier de nombreux, comme je vous envie ! Je vais prochainement faire apparaître dans une future peinture ce noble animal.
    Gros bisous à vous

  5. Beautiful head, love this gorgeous photograph.

  6. I had horses when I was very young & they still remain one of my favorite subjects to paint. Your stunning photo reminds me that I must paint them more often. Anxiously awaiting your wardrobe selection. XO

  7. Love horses and rode for many years......never tire of seeing these beautiful fearless animals doing what they do best.
    I look forward to seeing your outfit..what fun!

  8. Hey, I am at wits end. Don't know if it the Jockey or the horse. If I go to the dog race, it's who urinates last, before the rabbit goes.
    Some people bet the Trainer who won the most last year. I'll let you know. Wish we could go together.
    Yvonne and Renee
    It's gorgeous in Maine, Spring at last.

  9. Have fun, Marsha! Can't wait to see what you wear!
    Happy Thursday.

  10. How I wanted a palomino when I was little...isn't he wonderful?
    I would dream of riding the fields behind our house. I entered every competition
    to win a pony, alas no luck.

    Enjoy yourself at the club Marsha, bet you'll look amazing!

    Hugs darling,
    Jane xx


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