Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come on in....

mean time, back at the ranch...

we have some new things in the shop which I am so excited about.

while travelling I saw every well-dressed young woman carrying
something like this

even in the daytime...

so we have our little rectangular box clutches,
with chain shoulder strap, of course..
the "Box Clutch"

Size : 7' W X 3' H X 2' W

- Designer inspired fashion evening bag
- Rhinestone all around detail
- Snap closure
- Chain strap included

& this style
the "Loop Wristlet"
Size : 5' X 4.5' X 3'

- Designer inspired fashion evening bag
- Rhinestone decor
- Top snap closure
- Rhinestone detail wristlet
- Removable chain strap

this is the back side, showing the loop wristlet
Rhinestone Wristlet Evening Bag - 100558 GD

each $65

to order email us

shipping & handling in the USA is $7.00


as we are heading into Spring 2014 Fashion Week in NYC, 
which seems impossible doesn't it,
I will begin a series of my favorite outfits, what to wear and how to wear it,
Fall/Holiday 2013

I think all the "real" women of the world buy much closer to the actual
season and, therefore, featuring Fall right now seems right as we are

certainly, in Texas we are not dressing for Fall yet,
but we're thinking about what we will want when the time comes
to go to the charity luncheons, the girlfriend lunches, the cocktail parties
that precede all the charity functions which will loom up on the horizon.

& then there will be football parties (that's ME!)
holiday parties, etc. etc. etc.

& I will also share some of my time-honed tried & true
successful menu items for your cocktail buffet party,
as well as our much-loved pumpkin pie recipe waaaaay on down the line.

we are still working on the back patio area, work stops when it's too hot you know.
and no one but me likes the shiny black pots everything will be planted in.
but, to me, they are just so sophisticated and make a very big statement next
to this California-Style contemporary house...
I will keep you posted on this.

this is not my house, but this pot is the idea.
we had scads of pots of all shapes, sizes & colors
& I could not stand the idea of using them in any kind of grouping,
or design.
I painted them myself.

believe me I have a vision.....