Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If Only....

Just Beautiful!

I'm a total water baby, lover of animals & thrill seeker,
always expanding my horizons, always wanting to know more & more.
it's not easy, keeping up this agenda but I wouldn't know
how to change it even if I wanted to do so.

however I did
change my playlist,
added Bliss, Keith Urban & Kip Moore
something for everyone !

& I am totally in LOVE with Kip's new hit,
"Hey, Pretty Girl"



  1. Gorgeous images,Marsha..............
    Invite me to being there:)))*

    And SO beautiful music,my dear friend!!!
    I road you post and i stay a while after my pc to lissten all these beautiful melodies by you............:)*

    Hugs to you,Marsha!


  2. Beautiful, Marsha...stunning girls and how I would love to open a door with such a beautiful vista...ah...if only...indeed :-)

  3. Totally agree...if only!!! Spectacular photos, Marsha!

  4. OMG! I would so love to be the one opening that door in your final image. Hope you are well Lovely xx


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