Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is This It?

is this really what we've come to?
hundreds of young girls/women dress like this.
it's like a uniform.
only it's a hideous uniform.

tonight I drove over to our favorite Italian restaurant to pick up dinner, they
have a lovely way of bringing your order directly out to your car along with your bill.
it makes it so easy & convenient for us carry-out people.
this is not a pizza parlor, this is a really nice up-town Italian restaurant.

while I was waiting I saw a darling girl with 2 darling guys get out of their car
and begin the walk toward the front door.

the guys both had on cargo shorts, flip flops, tee shirts.
SHE had on hideous short short tight jean shorts and a tee shirt and flip flops,
the rope kind.


when it's so easy and so inexpensive to dress nicely, why would any young woman appear in public
as she did?

is this the new normal?

am I behind the times?

this is NOT cute, this is lazy and sloppy.

how could any woman think she looks good in an outfit like this?

I mean, I understand being on the beach or at a biker bar, but anywhere else - for me -
this is just not caring.  or is it that they think all the other young ones look like this too?
I've even seen 11 year old girls wear shorts that were WAY too short & WAY too tight,
their mother's say, "everyone else wears them."

I'm clueless, ladies.

how is it that this beautiful women, who is in every magazine, newspaper
around the world, can make such a beautiful impression, look so perfect in her shorts?
you see, it's possible.

this is another one of her shorts outfits.
forget the pricey elements, they can be substituted for more inexpensive ones.

do you wonder the same thing I do?
don't these other girls have mirrors?

and you see what the difference is between Olivia and them?

the grooming, the super-clean hair, the TIME to take care of yourself, personally.

 I'm doing a column soon about the American girls who are polished, who shine.
cause when we do it well no one around the world can equal the look of an
American woman, it's our special way of finishing ourselves.

let me know what you think about the jeans shorts, the ones which almost show the cheeks.
what do you tell your daughters, your nieces?



Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I think the way they dress is terrible. Today at store a young girl had on sweats rolled down to her crack, big fat stomach hanging over the pants and the top with her girls hanging out. Or, they wear there PJ's to the store - hello.... I would never even look like that working in the garden.
Your are so right with your comments. What does it take?
Have a good one......

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Mary, thank you for this! This should be a crusade taken up to get them to see the light. Thank you for visiting us too !!

Flora Fascinata said...

I am hearing you! I am okay with the shorts, as you say at the beach or in a Bikies den! But good grief, they are everywhere! Here in mild weather Queensland ladies pop opaque tights under frayed shorts in winter, to maximise wear all over. Sigh. Don't even start me regarding the Tweens fashion.

Mumbai said...

You are right Marsha, but answering your quests 1.it is not nice (at least for us) 2. Yes, perhaps we are behind of the times. 3. Seems they don't have a mirror but it looks they feel sexy and confident..why?...How and what to wear is a matter of education and when you look at their mothers they aren't dressed in style as well. Most of the people didn't find their own style (and will never find it) though the easiest way is to copy and wear what set the agenda.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I can't bear this cut short trend - lately I have seen so many bums and even if they are beautiful and slim. The picture of the behind shot is still ok compared to ones I have seen lately. It is too much for me as well!!

Henhurst Interiors said...

Hi Marsha, I have never let my girls wear anything I thought was inappropriate (I have been buying the clothes, after all) and have always followed-up my instructions on how to dress for various activities by pointing out the outfits we see that are not showing their wearers in a positive light and explaining what is wrong with them. Fortunately, the girls now understand the positive messages their clothes can communicate and are thoughtful when the dress for school, for travel, or just going out to do errands.

therelishedroost said...

Oh I know, with my teenagers I see it all!! THank goodness they try to gravitate toward cool funky shorts rather than tattered!
Thanks Marsha!!

The enchanted home said...

SO SO SO agree. I am sometimes just appalled at what people wear. I was out the other day and this girl walked into the restaurant with the MOST HIDEOUS top I have ever seen with horrible fringes hanging....it was BAD. I wonder whats going on. It takes so little effort to look smart and pulled together, simple and neat. I hope we will eventually see a turn back to "nice dressing" as my mom would say:)

celkalee said...

Thank you for addressing a subject that I am very passionate about! It is lazy, it is slovenly, it the process of reducing ourselves to the lowest common denominator, the emphasis on common. What ever we can do to reverse this current state of being is a step in the right direction. One of my recent campaigns is the exposed bra strap. Pathetic!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I HATE the girls wearing OVERSIZED basketball shorts trend! Being the age that I am, I don't even like the big shorts on the basketball players! LOL

I wore very chic embroidered "cutoff jeans", with crop tops or halter tops around the house, the neighborhood and to the beach in my teens and early 20's...but NEVER to town or to dine out. Bermuda's or chic crops with a proper blouse, a cardi or jacket could be acceptable...but a sundress is much sexier!

Marsha! Do you remember "Hot pants"? The "70's" attempt to dress up shorts...?

The boys dress like a prison culture and the girls dress like they picked the first thing off the floor and put it on. The mention of "the boys had on cargo shorts", was actually comfort to my ears... those "sagging" basketball shorts are all over the place, up here!

Can you tell that you touched a nerve? Don't even get me started on flat brimmed baseball hats tilted sideways at the table!

The Permanent Tourist said...

I'm on the same page with you, Marsha. In fact, I'm making Skylar read your post when she gets home from school later. Girls here on St. Simons all wear the too tight, too short shorts. Sky has one pair and I cringe every time she insists on wearing them. It always incites a small battle. I try to make sure that she has on a nice top with any shorts she wears and she is beginning to come around and see that dear old mom isn't crazy. Sure, I get the rolling eyes thing when I talk to her about her "style", but I'm seeing progress. It's up to us mom's to police our girls, set an example and share our fashion sense with them. The current trend is just another expression of how families in our country have stopped communicating. Then there's the subject of everyone being plugged into some electronic device at the dinner table...if they even sit down to eat together....pet peeve #2. Enough of my rant for today! Love, love!

Scribbler said...

I have seen girls wandering around the nicer areas dressed like that, too, only their cheeks werent just "almost" out. There were out. I was wondering if I was becoming an old fuddy duddy, but reading this, have decided that maybe I am not after all.

eleni said...

The looks are past terrible. What happened to mirrors? A nice full-length mirror in the bedroom (or perhaps a three-way one - I know they are a dreadful touch of reality sometimes!) bathroom mirrors, a lovely, attractive mirror in the hallway on the way out the door?? Perhaps a quick check might change the choice of clothes. Is this too simple a solution?

Thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I agree wholeheartedly Marsha...I was appalled at some of the get-ups I saw while we were up at Saratoga this weekend - what on earth are they thinking? Thank goodness my 24 year old daughter loves to dress well and has learned how to look amazing on her "just out of college, young professional" budget.

Take care and enjoy your day! xoxo

Unknown said...

I can't help but chuckle...these comments sound very much like what my hip generation heard from our parents and other adults in the late 60's and early 70's! Leslie in Portland, Oregon

Violetta Cordes-Medvedeva said...

I am agree with you,Marsha about those jeans shorts....a very young girls can wear these jeans shorts for beach:)*
I do not wanna be an old granny and whining!
This difference between Olivia's looks and all these street girls is SO huge and and outside any style at all!!!

I think all young girls look at each other and be infected by a lack of style,unfortunately....:(((
Courage can you learn from your parents or may be from your granny...or from your good friends may be.


mamaroses said...

Sorry I am late to the party on this but could not help joining in. Even worse trend these days (at least in Sweden, which I am sure comes from our neck of woods- US) is the jean shorts with pocket lining peeping out like dog-ears. The first one I saw, I thought the girl was plain sloppy, 'til I saw the next one:) I cannot help staring at the bum cheeks showing through the shorts (in sheer shock)each time I see one and that is from me, someone whose job (for 25yrs) was to stare at nude models to check the latest nude underwear, the panty-line and other intimate fit features for premium labels.