Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Thinking This Might Be My Go-To Fall Outfit...

"Red Leather Jacket" by splenderosa on Polyvore

created by me in Polyvore

what do you think of this?
would you wear it?
would you wear any of it?



  1. Marsha~
    my very first thoughts were:
    that looks just like an "English Bobby"!
    meaning a British policeman!
    would I wear it..
    perhaps in my younger, thinner days..
    not now..i live on the beach in Florida..
    totally impractible!
    delightfully winterish New Yorkish!
    hugs and smiles..

    1. I never thought of an English Bobby! I live in Houston where it's very warm much of the year, and this outfit would cover almost everything for Winter for me. xx's

  2. Liking the dressed up punk sexy look!(: me too!
    Just doing a fashion show for a big department store and this kind of look is the season hottie hot!
    Hugs z

  3. Oh Marsha you would look fabulous in each and every piece. Yes, I'd definitely wear what you've chosen. You had me a red motorcycle jacket!! Thank you for commenting on my recent post. It means so much to hear from you, especially I haven't been good about reading all my favorite blogs since we've moved. I miss those days of no 9-5! I hope all is well with you and your loved ones? Give my best to Houston. You are entering the perfect time of year as we're heading to the deep freeze. Sending you much love,
    Deb xx

  4. I can't wear heels that tall but love everything else. Would have to use my own boots:):)

  5. Marsha-
    Great Jacket, Great Skirt - pick a great shoe or boot, some sunglasses, and ditch all of the other stuff. You'll look killer-fabulous.

  6. I love the overall look and options; however, I would not do the skirt justice and the hat is out. Like you, a little leather jacket is all we need in the Louisiana winters.

  7. Love it all. You would look spectacular. Great choices!

  8. I love all of it except for the shoes. The killer heels might be too much and I never got into the open-toed booties. :)

  9. I definitely could not walk in those heels but I like the rest.

  10. Love this collage of a winter wardrobe.....this would be perfect in the UK right now, temperatures have dropped dramatically, I had thick cashmere on yesterday! Really, really, love those shoe cool! xx

  11. I love these looks, Marsha! I have a friend from New York who is thinking of moving to Texas (her son is in Austin but she laments the lack of glitz there)...I told about you and that she should consider Houston!!

    Have a beautiful day! xoxo


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