Thursday, September 19, 2013

More For Fall....

notice the large brooches

Emporio Armani

I have to tell you something funny...a couple of weeks ago I had a delightful woman and her mother
come to my home to discuss marketing of our Splenderosa products.

She hadn't seen my full line of both designer and fashion merchandise before,
I had only met her a few weeks previous to this meeting.

As we were walking around looking at the fully-laden dining table, piled with an assortment of handbags & jewelry....she said, "Oh, this is just SO Houston."

I said, "definitely, it is."   But, for me it's fashion forward merchandise not just Texan.

They are from California.  They live in Houston now.

FYI the above photo captures Emporio Armani for Fall 2013 which I will say is
SO Houston too.  We dress up around here, you know?

more Emporio Armani follows

Craig McDean


OMG, that handbag !!!


Craig McDean

Craig McDean

& yes, I would wear any one of these outfits,
maybe without the head pieces
(unless I went to Chicago or NYC where it could be cold),
& I would think I looked smashing!

Craig McDean

Craig McDean

Craig McDean

 looking at all this luxe dressing makes me wonder,
"is it bad to be SO Houston?"



VM Creation Atelier said...


I have no been in Huston and in California unfortunately.....not yet!:)))*
But I can see all these gorgeous masterpieces of Emporio Armani and my heart starts pounding in my throat,SO beautiful!
I see myself definitely run into some designs..............

The last one ''burgundy''color dress stole my heart!!!

Love you,

Heather Robinson said...

Very pretty, very Poiret. Oh how I miss living somewhere where folks dress up!

LPC said...

I feel like Houston is Naples or Rome and Northern California, Berlin. Or maybe London.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Marsha, the apparel is stunning! I love the rich colors and textures. Armani is always so beautifully tailored and classic. Beautiful!

D. A. Wolf said...

I couldn't wear any of these, but... they are magnificent and fun to look at! On the right figure in the right location - bellissima!