Monday, January 20, 2014


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The below advertisement appeared as a 1/4 page ad in our local
Paper City, a monthly upscale social newspaper here in Houston,

$228 for this necklace.

& it's a really great-looking piece, I think.

this is where the issue of DISPARITY comes into play.

a BIG word.

you see, Splenderosa has the same necklaces on our website, and has for
about 6 months, for UNDER $100.00,

in fact, it's $75.00

& these below, another iteration of the same style,
a more embellished style, note the beautiful braided wire an crystals.

this style available in
 ivory, black & deep forest green


so, the disparity I was speaking of is this...

and I fear I must explain as I have ladies tell me all the time 

"your merchandise is too cheap."
"raise the prices."

the perception is that if the prices are too low the merchandise must be "cheap."

the disparity:
I purchase directly from the international wholesale vendors,
and I sell direct to you on my website.

I don't sell my already-marked-up-merchandise to individual stores
where they must mark it up again.

markups on jewelry and other accessory items is never set except by the huge retail specialty stores,
where it is normally 2.5 (2 1/2 times more than wholesale).
individual merchants can use any markup they choose.

so while my prices may seem low, and believe me, they are compared to
a retail bricks & mortar store, we are still able to make a reasonable
profit at our price points.

who benefits?

all of us.

the disparity applies to all of my merchandise, of course.
buying directly from the manufacturers vendors, not from a showroom or trade show venue,
makes this possible for Splenderosa to continue offering great prices
for excellent merchandise.

so which of the necklaces is prettier,
the $228 one
or the $75 one