Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Couture, My Thoughts

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1st up, Armani Prive
the collection included several looks with the awesome draping scarves over one 
shoulder, which I LOVE.  love the drama and the elegance and the very soignee look.
his waist-length jackets, trimmed with soutache and embroidery, the elbow sleeves,
and the lush pant just made me swoon. 

the Armani blue is throughout the collection,
nobody does it better than Giorgio in the blue area.

& the earrings

he also brought back the longer blazer-type jacket, which just looked matronly to me.
even if we are matronly we don't want to think we are.  right?

he used a sort of arabesque detailing throughout the collection,
harking back to the influence of the olden days.

the gown, above, calls on his own special blue again, and is sure to be seen
at the upcoming Academy Awards.

still, I think the collection is ho-hum, not as luminous as his usual,
but I do love the hair coverings.
goodness, how nice to be able to actually do this in real life!

the new SCHIAPARELLI Couture,
just awful, all 20 outfits.


the only thing in the collection Jennifer Lawrence can wear as is to one of the awards
ceremonies.  & I do love this actress, she has been amazing me from her first firm.
otherwise, they need to get to work on redesigning a couple of their long gowns
to make them more couture and not so much off-the-rack at Nordstroms.

of Dior's Pre-Fall showing, there were a few pieces I thought were beautiful,
especially a red coat...we shall see...

Chanel Couture

this is one of the tamer versions of Karl's Couture,
way big shoulders, bolero tops, skinny waists...
couture as sportswear or baby doll outfits, with sneakers.

OK, OK, I know Karl loves youth, he has taken a very marked turn toward the very very young
with this collection.  certainly, there are all the Chanel hallmarks, but there is really no design,
except this silhouette.

this gown is beautiful, but not unusual except in the iridescence of the sequins,
it would be beautiful on Nicole Kidman, wouldn't it?

Giambattista Valli

I'm pretty sure one of my aunts had an outfit like this in the 50's, maybe not quite 
this mini.