Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inspiration Courtesy of Friends.....

this breathtaking room designed by my friend, Mona Thompson & her sister,
over in Arkansas @ Providence Design  HERE
if Mona's business was in Houston I would hang out in her shop!

(via Inspired By…Images on Pinterest — Providence Design)

the exquisite work of  McAlpine Booth & Fer


McAlpine Booth & Fer charisma design

below, from Unique Home Design HERE


Rivercrest - Living charisma design

I think the Persian rug, above, is a Serapi.
stunning, isn't it?
the focal point of the entire room.

& below, that singular headboard for twin beds.
great idea, I think.


Shared headboard for charisma design

neutrals with beauti charisma design

from My Inner Landscape HERE

love the crockery jars, the chandeliers,
the chairs...well, I love everything about this room

back to the fashion shows soon.

Marc Jacobs's collection looks like athletic attire made by a designer
(1 of the top 3 in the world I think),
maybe it's homage to the Olympics or the Super Bowl?

Oscar de la Renta used LEATHER.
Yep, he did.

& this one, below, is my favorite ball gown of his collection,
kinda Spring-like even though it's Fall 2014.
I can see this on someone at the Academy Awards!



  1. OMGoodness. I am on FABULOUS overload!!! Can't wait to check out everything. That gown is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh to be young and able to WEAR IT!!!!

    1. Pinky, we'll just put a Black Silk Taffeta Cape around it and go to our galas!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning, Marsha!!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. Oh my gosh, love the inspiration. I never tire of looking at beauty!

  4. All of those interiors are amazing! That is such a great idea with the headboard and the twin beds!


  5. Stunning rooms, all of them, but I love Mona's work most of all! x Sharon

  6. All so the outdoor spaces and that gown, wow!!!!

  7. Marsha,

    These interiors are breathtaking nice..............#1,#2,#3 are truly beyond fabulous!!!
    And,yes,this dress is one of the wonderful dresses of Oscar de la Renta!



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