Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Living Large, Part 4, Fall Fashion Week NYC


what the designers sent down the runway today was very much
hit or miss.

I couldn't see any focus in the design process, it looks like they had
a few ideas and just threw everything into the salad bowl.

this, for example, is beautifully elegant and so on trend with everyone else
with the shoulder emphasis.

then we have this.
WHAT is this?

then these

seriously, guys, do any of these outfits have anything in common?
except the supreme un-wearability?

& then the red carpet gowns

Scarlette's dress made out of the drapes was much prettier than the one below,
which is perfectly hideous to me.

& now for the hit

the review is mine alone, all pics from

would you wear any of these?
forget about age, act like you're a movie star, and choose the outfit you would wear, if any.




Sherri B. said...

I don't know much about runway type of styles but I do know what I like and I must say that these dresses are very 'odd'. Since we only have these to choose from and we are pretending that we have the age and body to go with it...well, I find that the third one is the most normal looking and I would wear that in the land of make believe :) xo

Lauren said...

I love that first yellow dress! This collection is stunning, I would would love to go to NYFW!


Flora Fascinata said...

Too much going on! I'm okay with the goth looking lace number at the end...and that red feather bulbous number has transfixed me. Help!!!

Veronica Roth said...

Delicious colours and textures to the fabrics though. I see two which I would happily wear. The rest? Perhaps in a slightly different incarnation.

therelishedroost said...

Amazing, I cannot even imagine where I would be able to wear one of these beauties but I would love the opportunity to try!!

nina said...

I am ignorant when it comes to fashion!! But I do disagree with you here! This to me is so feminine, soft, flowy 1940's movie star glamorous and super wearable ( I could see Greta Garbo in one of these gowns)
No jewelry except for the giant earrings... Brilliant!
Sorry... But I love this...Thanks for enlightening me of this designer.

Colleen Taylor said...

Oh yes, that black number without a doubt. Love that so. Thank you for the beautiful post!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Everyone should have their own opinion for here....That's true!

Dear ladies,look more presice,please....
Here is NO good shapes and this style is diffiluct to describe.May be only gorgeous quality of fabrics can making happy anyone.
Bit the colors are SO dissonant with each other,,,,,:(((
To be honest,I am SO desappointed by this last one collection of Marchesa!

Yes this is a big brand,ladies! But I see here NO beauty and totally NO creativity,unfortunately.....
I has an idea: may be it was designed by a different designer?....
Here is all wrong!:(((

I am sorry,Marsha for my opinion....and no one wanted to offend!

Thankyou very much for this post,Marsha.