Saturday, February 8, 2014

Living Large, Fall 2014

the underlying theme so far throughout the NYC collections
was definitely an exaggerated shape.
living large is what I call it.


showing the enlarged shapes, here with brightly colored
tights, strewn throughgout the collection...I love that's young & very 

Prabel Gurung

the outfit above influenced by his home country of Nepal, as was the
entire collection, shows the enlarged shapes, pashminas wrapped around &
around, and little gypsy bells tinkling on the shoes.

the one below, not an enlarged shape at all, but still having the wrapping of the Napelese native costumes, and certain to be worn by someone beautiful at the
Academy Awards

Kate Spade


anyone who reads my blog with regularity already knows I absolutely LOVE
there is a quality to their fabrics that is unequalled except by the other luxury designers.
one can travel all day, sleep in your clothes, and step out of a plane, train or automobile
looking perfect.
this is important to me.

this man-tailored emerald green suit is an example of their band-box perfection,
and also the enlarged shapes to come for Fall 2014.
I actually love this outfit !

much more to come, of course, as the big shows haven't taken place yet.

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and that black bag of our's shown in the previous post...
sold 2, still have 4.
I carried one today for my 4-month old grandson's Christening.
they are magnets to other women.