Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Living Large, Part 4, Fall Fashion Week NYC


what the designers sent down the runway today was very much
hit or miss.

I couldn't see any focus in the design process, it looks like they had
a few ideas and just threw everything into the salad bowl.

this, for example, is beautifully elegant and so on trend with everyone else
with the shoulder emphasis.

then we have this.
WHAT is this?

then these

seriously, guys, do any of these outfits have anything in common?
except the supreme un-wearability?

& then the red carpet gowns

Scarlette's dress made out of the drapes was much prettier than the one below,
which is perfectly hideous to me.

& now for the hit

the review is mine alone, all pics from

would you wear any of these?
forget about age, act like you're a movie star, and choose the outfit you would wear, if any.