Thursday, February 13, 2014

Living Large, Part 5, The American Master

Ralph Lauren

how cool are those shoes?

& while I gave Marchesa a "D" for their Fall collection,
there is no doubt Ralph's collection deserves an "A+"

as always, following his own lead, he sent outfits down the runway that a woman
can just put on and walk out the door. 
no problems, no worries.

look at the back view of the pink outfit

I don't think there is one among us who couldn't wear these last 2 emsembles,
no matter the age or the size.

they are certainly high drama if you wish them to be,
but they are also pieces for Fall which will actually keep you warm while
looking band-box perfect.

his color story for this collection

there is no homage to larger shoulders here.
there are only beautifully cut pieces which will last a lifetime.

seriously, I have some Ralph separates I've owned for 10 years or more.
the "black" stays BLACK, the fabrics look as good as new,
the designs timeless.

isn't this what investment dressing is all about to most of us?

one can choose of-the-moment new bags or shoes to add to anything he 
has ever designed and look splendid.