Sunday, February 9, 2014

Living Large, Part 2

Victoria Beckham

would any of us ever have believed Victoria would present this silhouette?
her hallmark is "close-to-the-body" apparel.
but, here it is, Fall 2014, longer lengths, larger shoulders,
the same trend I pointed out in yesterday's post, below.

& here's the woman, herself, in the longer skirt.
hopefully, that's just a bad photo and not a scowl.

Yagal Azrouel

the trend continues
Derek Lam

(all opinions are mine, photos via

& to go with all these coming silhouettes, 
the large bag which will continue to be BIG in fashion.


Genuine Leather
a large bag, so good for now.
zip top closure

15" x 10" x 6"

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normally this bag would be about $400 retail, 
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they are not on our website yet as we have not received them.
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