Monday, February 17, 2014

London's Catwalks Fall 2014

rarified air

I really like this look, but actually didn't like much of the other
apparel in the collection.

these handbags and shoes were shown in different colors/designs
throughout the collection,
as were ruanas/shawls

I predict the accessories will blow out the door the moment they're available.

that bag!  that bag is going to be the IT-BAG for next Fall,

& maybe we'll begin to see it (in different versions) really early, like tomorrow.

I haven't read any reviews yet but I think the bags are
both a patterned wool or tapestry-like fabric and a printed leather.

anyway, start looking for this major trend.

the little ankle boots have a very vintage feel to them,
therefore, the bags harken back to the old days...
but with the Burberry quality we won't be calling them carpet-bags at all.

can't wait to find out the price points of these items.
waaaaay high I'll bet !!!

tell me what you think, please.

do you like or not?

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