Sunday, February 16, 2014

Italy, again.....

in Rome...
doesn't this just invite you to come in?

Bottega Veneto
ahhhh, this skirt

something to wear in Italy

Marettimo, Italy
an island West of Sicily
it's about an hour from the mainland

in all my visits to Italy I've made friends with shopkeepers, bar owners,
car drivers, tour operators, and  priests.

once you realize the geography of Italy you understand the history so much better.

my son & his friend climbed to the top of Mt. Vesuvius (I didn't) early early early one morning,
long before the tourists arrived.
he said the view to the sea was beautiful and well worth the climb.



Eliza Beth said...

Very chic and beautiful! It makes me want to visit Italy one day, Marsha:)

Flora Fascinata said...

Oh Marsha, I love Italy, we have been to Rome, Venice (twice!) and Florence. Next trip is Northern Italy...Romagna..Bologna..Parma for something a different. All the rest of my spent monies I have wasted!! ;) xxx

VM Creation Atelier said...

Ah.....!!! ADORABLE Italy country!!!
Amazing images,Marsha:)*

And,Oh,how absolutely cute must being there,where was you son!!!
OMG..........................I think a heart beat in your throat and you will FLY...........!!!:)*


Catherine Robinson said...

Italy, beautiful Italy...I have a love affair with it...especially Sardinia :)
Thank you for your mail yesterday re. Porter magazine...I've picked it's fabulous isn't it?
Have a good week, Marsha
With love xx

Lauren said...

Beautiful post! This makes me want to take a trip to Italy!


La Contessa said...

ALL views are DIVINE in ITALIA!

Kathryn in Canada said...

Beautiful Italy. Do you speak any Italian? It sounds like you were able to function and communicate well. said...

Oh Marsha, I opened this early this morning and did not have time to properly savor it until right now. What a treat to come back to this after a very long day!!! I want to go, I want to go!!! I want to have dinner at the restaurant in the top photo. Tomorrow, I want to go to the beach!! I need a vacation!

Class factotum said...

What kind of bag is it in the photo #3? I am in the market.