Monday, May 12, 2014

Doesn't Matter If It's Black or White

otherwise known as
A Room & An Outfit

oh, yes, I would have worn this...then.

Antonio Marras - Milan Fashion Week - Spring 2014
Antonio Marras - Milan Fashion Week - Spring 2014

I'm loving this room, it has the same feeling as the outfit,
but it also has the same color theme as my bedroom.
walls and trim all painted a glossy deep gray; the continuity of paint color
makes me so happy, I really don't feel the need for wads of trim painted white,
unless one lives in an historical mansion & must maintain the integrity of it's
original design

via coolinteriordesignideas tumblr 

I am already deep into my bedroom remodelling will be beautiful...but, oh how long it is taking...
what used to be simple isn't simple any longer, as there are so many crafts involved.
the good news is that the landscaping is coming along, 
and the large enclosed patio off the bedroom
has been bushwhacked, trimmed and totally lightened the fun begins...what will
survive in the heat of Houston's dreadful summer out there now that so many branches are gone.
and I had my heart set on hydrangea.



  1. Good luck with your remodeling. Love your inspiration photos!

  2. Ce joli billet m'enchante... de l'élégance +++
    Gros bisous ♡

  3. Matsha,
    It's absolutely my dream too:))) I mean in design of this suit and this room is totally blues me away.......
    I wish you many daily inspirations with you bad room,my dear friend!


  4. I'm sure it will be beautiful! Just as you are!

  5. Marsha,
    Your inspiration photo is gorgeous with the tonal hues of grey and the textural comfort of the cream sofa. I especially love the slight hint of purple in the rug and upholstered piece. Your bedroom will be a haven of calmness and luxury.
    By the way Black and White is my favorite color combo in clothing.

  6. YOU ARE THE BEST!! I learn so much every visit! In case you have not noticed; I dress in a uniform!

    (most people find it completely boring! I change it up with a different jacket.....but: it makes my life so easy! It has been about five years!

    All white in the summer....(with brown belt) white shirt an the same exact skirt in the fall and winter!

    Life is so easy!

    My darling husband says.......when I come out the door in the all white (see my blog(; OH!! Are we on our way to Dallas?

    I do adore him!!!!


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