Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Day....

Chanel Resort 2015

funny how this happens...

I took a few minutes  to stop in & see my girlfriend, 
who manages one of the large Chico's here in Houston,
we stepped out to have a coffee,
and when I returned to the store I, of course, had to "look" a bit.

I am so thrilled with 2 purchases.

seriously, I love this outfit

black silky-feeling cargo pants
and this completely wonderful top
play the video to see all the details.

the banding around the sleeves, shoulders & hem is of sparkling dark gray crystals, 
& they weigh the top down so it doesn't fly in the wind.
it's a casual elegant look for certain.

however, La Contessa, would wear it to the market, I know.

&, guess what?   I didn't even know they had been featured together on their website 
until right this minute.

so this afternoon I had to go get the exact right shoe.
black platform criss-cross wide strap wedges,
open toes, which are a bit edgier than the Chico's pic.

ok, now...this outfit rocks !!

tell me, does this have the same reference as the Chanel Resort pieces up top?


 coming soon to the shop, like next week,
this gorgeous bag.

SP338 Dark Blue High End Bag

SP338 Dark Blue High End Bag

SP338 Black High End Bag

in this most wonderful BLUE & also in BLACK
Genuine Italian Leather

Size:  12.5" Long X 10" High X 7" Wide
11.5"  leather handles
38" adjustable and detachable strap
Inside: 1 zipper pocket and 2 open holders inside
central zipper apartment divide the bag into two sections
an adjustable locked strap in front


to pre-order please send us an email
or call

we will send you a PayPal invoice.

seriously, ladies, these bags are TOP QUALITY, 
I've been carrying  another style   for 2 weeks,
it looks perfect with almost everything, and it looks very expensive.
it's durable and it smells like LEATHER, ITALIAN LEATHER !



VM Creation Atelier said...

This top looks like a bit caftan,absolutely comfortable and elegant in the same time!!!
This pant oh,..... Love this look absolutely,Marsha!
Yes,of cause here do you need nice shoes:)))

I am happy for your finding!
And! I can't being more admired about your excellent bags!


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I was at Chico's yesterday too, but didn't see anything this beautiful...wear it well, my friend! I love the new bags! xoxo

Catherine Robinson said...

Fabulous outfit will look stunning!
Enjoy your week xx

D. A. Wolf said...

That outfit DOES rock! So do your bags!

The enchanted home said...

Always fun getting something new......the bags are beautiful...that blue is gorgeous!

La Contessa said...

How funny!I am a TAD late to this preview but maybe thats because I was at CHICO"s the day you wrote this!!I did not see this top but I did purchase a GOLD top!I love the CHANEL outfit right down to the shoes!
Plus, your right..........I do not go anywhere to wear my gold top or your black ensemble so off to the grocery store she goes...........with her BEJEWELED NECK PIECE for certain!
Your bags are STUNNING a young girl I worked for the distributor of the GUCCI ACCESSORY COLLECTION here in the USA and CANADA we had FENDI too.These bags look to be GOOD QUALITY for the $$$.Having been in the Handbag business for years I unfortunately do not need nor GO ANYWHERE to carry such a gorgeous bag...........well, except the grocery store which I seem to visit daily!!!THE ITALIAN HUSBAND LOVES TO EAT!XOXOXO

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

I think your combo looks much nicer actually than the Chanel Resort image. You are going to look divine Marsha x

Emm said...

I like your Chico's outfit better than the Chanel. The model certainly looks happier, and it looks as if it moves better with the body. But I'm a great Chico's fan, love the spiffy little dashes of bling here and there.