Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some of My Favorite Posts Via My Friends.....

every now and then I like to point out especially interesting & beautiful posts
created by my girlfriends around the world.

not in any particular order, I love them all:

from Eleonora @ Boiserie et C in Rome
a post on the lovliness of blue & white 

& from Pamela Terry @ The House of Edward
 a summer reading list
including this lovely book

from Australia, Virginia of Glamour Drops
talks about how to create a magical bedroom & has an AMAZING GIVEAWAY !!

Glamorous sleepwear from Angads….this would look good with the new glamorous bedroom….

& a NEW BLOG called "The Potted Boxwood"
isn't that a great name?

Christina Dandar

her post today is about "Closet LOVE" & you won't believe what she's found

& last, my darling friend's new e-zine/magazine, Coty Farquhar in Australia

go HERE to see this amazing creation


I've recently read how many women find true and lasting friendships via blogging.
those of us who have stuck with it for years fully realize this as true.

seriously, I miss reading what my girlfriends are doing if I don't blog for awhile...
and I realize we are all the same in our hearts.

alas, summer requires us to step back, regroup, rethink, re-tool, and re-stock our
minds with interesting and current ideas.

so a little vacay is in order around here.

I'll be posting, but not as often as usual, and most will be small snippets of what we're doing
while on holiday.

also on the horizon is a new and better website/blog where you will be able to find 
much easier.

the committment to go forward with luxury items and fine things remains true.

we are in need of a better way, technically, for all this to work...and this is all in process now.

I am very gratified with so much support from my readers and our new
will be able to handle special discounts given to my readers ONLY.

please let me know what you think of this, I need all the input I can get
from you guys.

in September, "By Invitation Only" will return with brilliance & pizazz!!

also Splenderosa will have trunk shows in Houston beginning September and
continuing through the Fall/Holiday season, 
showing our fine Italian Leather Handbags & Semi-Precious Jewelry.

it takes a lot of blood, sweat & tears for all of this to come together!!!

love to all